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Hot vs Cold Drinks in Summer

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I like drinking hot tea in summer rather than iced. I don't find that the effect of the iced drink is cooling. My imagination? or is there some basis for this observation?

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  1. It may be related to the phenomenon of people in hot tropical climates eating the spiciest chili-laden foods. I've heard that it promotes sweating which has an evaporative cooling effect, kind of like a dog panting. Maybe I'll try your way this afternoon instead of my usual round of iced tea!

    1. Well, some of the spiciest cuisines have originated in some of the hottest climates. I personally find the sweat produced by spicy foods (and hot coffee in the summer) to be cooling.

      1. All my Turkish friends agree with you. They keep trying to push hot tea on us on sweltering days. I just can't get myself to do it.

        1. A fat-burning book I read once recommended drinking ice water to raise your metabolism. Your body temp has to rise to equalize the cooling effect of the ice water. If this is true, the opposite effect is true when you drink hot liquids--your body tries to cool itself down. Maybe?

          1. Just this afternoon, my sister was complaining about her sweltering work space. I suggested she get into her down sleeping bag and do push-ups for a while, then, when she re-emerges, the room would feel cool by comparison.

            Maybe the hot tea works on a similar principal.

            (and, no , she wouldn't test my theory for me.)

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              This, my first summer in New York, I've had no air conditioner. During the last blast of heat I took a hot shower during the worst part of the day. The air in my oven of an apartment actually felt cooler to me afterwards. Not worth it though, in my opinion.

              I drank so much iced ginger tea this summer, that I sloshed when I moved. Good stuff though. And all too soon it'll be the season for hot chocolate!

            2. In China they believe that hot tea cools you on a hot summers day.

              Can't say it works for me, hot coffee or tea will just make me sweat on a hot day, whereas a nice cool tall glass of iced mint tea (my summer favorite) will cool me down.

              With regards to spicey foods in hot countries. It definitely does seem to be true that the closer to the equator you go, be it in China, South America, or whevever, the food gets spicier.

              I have heard one explanation that chiles cover up the tast of food that might be beginning to go bad in the heat, but have never quite believed that.

              1. I used to travel in Central Asia a lot, and there they insist on very hot tea in the summer. It seemed counterintuitive to me, but they insist that it is better for you than to shock your system with a cold liquid. Go figure.

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                  My High School Biology teacher told me that drinking a hot drink while warm, will decrease your body temperature.

                  This works by initially raising the body temp causing you to sweat more. The sweat then evaporates, which is what cools your body.