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Aug 23, 2002 04:31 PM

Italian pre-made desserts in restaurants (Bindi fantasia nel dessert)

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I've been seeing these a lot lately all over New York. Often times in the oddest places. I was at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Bay Ridge Brooklyn (King Falafel- not recommending the place) and a big part of their dessert menu was one from "Bindi fantasia nel dessert". I've seen these in Manhattan, too. I see online that their headquarters are in Milan. I guess I'm just fascinated with desserts that need to be imported from another country. It seems odd. And then when I see that sorbet inside a frozen fruit (lemon, orange, pear), I wonder if it's Bindi or homemade. I don't have a specific point or question, just wondered if anyone had more knowledge of Bindi or experience. The lemon sorbet was awesome and the graphics of their menus makes me nostalgic for Italy. And it may also be that I can't figure out if I feel cheated for getting a pre-made dessert, or appreciative that it's so good and reminds me of being in an Italian cafe.

I can't really find a good US website for them. But they are in Australia (which has the best info site for them- I've linked it below), France (!), Germany, England, Japan, UK, and Italy itself. It may actually be one of the most global desserts out there.

I don't know, I think they're fascinating.


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  1. They serve them in a Korean/Sushi place in Boston, called Q-Vin..Talk about multi-cultural!

    1. Hmm, I thought I already posted a reply. Well, sorry if it's duplicated.

      In Totowa, New Jersey, near the mall just off Rt 80, there's a decent-sized building that Bindi operates out of. Perhaps it is the East Coast distribution or manufacturing center.


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        WOW, I am glad to find other people who have had the Bindi lemon sorbet. It is the best and I am trying to find a way to purchase them myself. Any information would help. Thanks.

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          1. Just had it for the first time! My Nephews told me they first had it in Victoria BC. Also available at the China Club in Hong Kong but you have to be a member or know someone who can get you in.