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Aug 22, 2002 09:41 PM

warped Calphalon

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Has anyone else had their Calphalon warp? The saucepots are fine after many years of use, but the larger flatter pieces (saute'pans, skillets, paella pans)seem to warp. They say there is a life time warranty, but you have to ship them back to Calphalon at your expense with no guarantee that they'll replace them. Am I the only person with warped pans. If so what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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  1. I knew there was a good reason why they're so expensive.

    1. What kind of stove do you have? It sounds like you overheated your pans ( no small feat ) , I have a number of Calphalon pans and have never had any warping occur . Do you do a lot of sauteing ? Are they high end stuff ? Aluminum pans tend to deform quicker than cast iron or steel . I have a Calphalon dutch oven I use for braises and it has served me well for many years . Maybe your stovetop just kicks ass . I would love a higher BTU stovetop . It could be defective , most retailers should replace a defective pan at no charge . I mean , they are pretty expensive .

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        I can understand over heating causing the one calphalon pot that we use at our restaurant to warp. The stove there is really hot and the pan has been used for many years. But my stove at home is just a normal electric range and despite what chefs say about heating the pan before you put stuff in it, I almost never have. I would return the stuff to the place of purchase, but I'm many miles away. Maybe I'll send one piece back to Calphalon and see what they say. Thanks for the input.

        1. re: Janet

          Aside from anything cast iron (LC included), every larger flat-bottomed pan I had eventually got warped from cooking on electric burners. I don't think there's much you can do to avoid it, other than upgrade to a gas range.

          The chef I sous'd with, when he got good and fed up with warped sauté pans, used to turn them upside-down on the counter and give the hump a mighty whack with a meat mallet. It wasn't a cosmetically ideal solution, but it sure stopped the wobbling.

      2. I have had the same problem with the calphalon sauté pans as you have had, both on gas ranges and electric. Twice I have taken a pan back to Macy's (where I bought them, but without a sales slip and two or three years after purchase) and the pans were replaced right then and there, without any hassle. A third pan needs replacing, but I have given up on Calphalon sauté pans. They just don't hold up well enough for me. What has held up beautifully for me is Magna-lite. Unfortunately, this company is no longer in business, as I understand it.

        1. I too have the Calphalon pots & pans (Kitchen Essentials from Target), and am just about to send my large skillet back to them for a 2nd replacement due to warping. I KNOW I didn't use this one on too high a heat, didn't think I did the first one either. The pots are going back as well, due to the non-stick coating not holding up. If they refuse to replace them, it is a small annoyance, as over the years I have slowly been building a collection of All Clad MC2---LOVE THEM!!!

          1. Yes, jfood has both had some warped pans, has returned them and had them replaced. Jfood's guess is that they were placed in the sink under cooler water when they were too hot.

            Wrt paying for them to be returned and replaced. It did bother him at first but he drives his car to the dealership for repairs, pays for returns on most of his on-line purchases, etc. Part of the gig.