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Aug 22, 2002 11:49 AM

Caramel sauce - what to do with it?

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My daughter came home with a large plastic packet of liquid caramel sauce. The story is she was hanging out with friends at Starbucks, and someone knew someone who worked there, and they gave them this sauce. (I don't want to know any more about this)
Anyway, it looks like it's about a quart of sauce - what can I do with it besides put it on vanilla ice cream? Any ideas about how I can use most of this up?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The first question I asked her was whether it was stolen, and she assured me it wasn't. YOu are both right to question that, but I know my kid.

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      1. re: Scribbler

        No, of course it wasn't stolen. Starbucks has a policy of letting employees give away huge containers of caramel sauce out the back door to their friends.
        Call the manager.

        1. re: AlanH

          Perhaps it was out of date or part of a discontinued product.

          Assuming it is judged to be ethically edible :-) ,
          how about a tart apple pie w/ some caramel in the filling and then spooned over each slice?

          Cut with fruit juice and spices for a fruit soup base.

          1. re: Danna

            Personally, I'd just get out a spoon and dig in, but that's just me. After I'd get over my bellyache I'd try:

            - Homemade ice cream with caramel ribbons

            - caramel milk shakes

            - any kind of apple desserts, tarts/pies

          2. re: AlanH

            Don't know if Starbuck's does that, but I have heard that it's policy at some fast food places to let employees walk out the front door with stuff from containers that were opened but not used up within the day or was otherwise expired. (e.g. Cousin of mine got really tired of McD's leftover food before his first week was over.) Since we have a very incomplete picture of the facts, it's worthwhile to remember that one is innocent until proven guilty.

            Speaking of caramel, it might do well with some sort of apple or pear cake. Especially after some gentle doctoring with nutmeg and cinnamon.

            Another possibility is to blend it with some unsweetened chocolate and heavy cream to make caramel chocolate truffles.

        2. Fondue!

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            Dip bananas in it, then in melted dark chocolate, then in roasted chopped walnuts and freeze. Also dip pretzles like this, minus freezing and nuts. Poach or roast pears in it. Make french toast and make sandwiches with caramel, chocolate, bananas and peanut butter, then stick the whole mess in the oven to melt and get oozy.

            1. I saw this topic and I have leftover caramel Ice Cream Topping, so I was glad to read for ideas. Instead this became a morality issue ??????

              I don't think so folks. Never worked in retail, but calling the manager didn't even occur to me ~~ I don't think we need to get up on our high horses so quickly without knowing any of the facts. geez. JMHO