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Aug 21, 2002 05:05 PM

preserving horseradish root

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Any ideas on the best way to prolong the life of fresh horseradish root? I remember a thread about keeping ginger from a while ago, any of that applicable?

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  1. I just put it in the vegetable bin, as-is. I don't wash the root when I get it home, tho I do remove the outside of the root on the top, as I use it (I use a carrot scraper). It lasts just about forever.

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      Peter B. Wolf

      Make sure to only buy a very fresh, and as firm as a carrot, root. Anything shriveled up or wilted is totally inferior and a waste of money. To store get some clean, well sifted construction SAND, regular sand! Find a suitable container to lay the root in, cover fully with sand, which must be kept moist,not wet but always moist!, and stored in a cool place. (Basement, Cellar, Pantry)Will keep all winter.

    2. I want to grind up my horseradish roots that ijust dug up from the garden and im looking for any comments on if i should add any thing to the ground roots too make it taste better ,maybe a little milder and also will it keep in the refrigerator in a pint jar and for how long before it goes bad

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        I grind horseradish every passover in my "Champion" juicer. I put a plastic bag sealed to the exit tube with tight rubber bands. Open windows and doors because the fumes are very strong. You need to add some acid to the mix to prevent oxidation. Depending on the availability you can add peeled lemon to the feed tube as you go and/or vinegar to the processed mash. After filling jars packed full you can top off with more vinegar. The list of people waiting for this Saturdays run increases every year. Enjoy

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          My aunt gave me this job a couple of years ago. I have to make it for two very large Sedars so I buy around 5 lbs of horseradish root. The plastic bag over the chute secured with a rubber band was exactly what my aunt instructed me to do. I use my meat grinder and also add a couple of fresh uncooked beets to give it the red color so I don't have to worry about the oxidation. Remember acid sets the heat so the longer you go without adding acid the hotter it gets.

          Since doing our kitchen remodeling I now grind the horseradish under the range exhaust hood. No need for the plastic bag as long as the hood is turned up high.