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Aug 21, 2002 11:01 AM

Hot Sauce

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What is the absolute best tasting and hottest "hot sauce" available? Where can I get it?

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  1. Walkerswood Scotch Bonnet, from Jamaica.

    No gimics, no jokey "Colonel Fudpucker's Colon Cleanser" nonsense, just authentic fiery flavourful Carribean hot sauce. They have a web site, don't know if you can order direct, but depending on where you live, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it.

    When you do find it, pick up a bottle of their Jerk Marinade too.

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    1. re: Tobias

      Melinda's is pretty good, too. Made from habaneros and carrots in Belize. Tasty and snappy.

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        For me, hot sauce with vegetables in it tastes like spicy vegetable sauce.

      2. re: Tobias

        Another good carribean-style sauce is Matouk's. You really get a nice, spicy habanero flavor. It is made in either Trinadad or Tobago. My husband and I "discovered" it in Tortola, BVI and brought back five bottles, one of which broke in his luggage and made a huge mess. When we got home, we found it at out local Kroger. No matter, it's still delicious!

        1. re: Tobias

          I have to agree! I always have a bottle in the refrigerator and a backup in the pantry.

          1. re: Tobias

            I have to agree. My standby is Tabasco because I actually like the taste and I hate the hot sauces which are all heat with no taste.

            But anything from WalkersWood has incredible taste, and their habanero has a nice kick.

            1. re: ARN

              Have you tried the Tobasco Habanero? It is in the style of the Jamaican scotch bonnet sauces, with the fruit and tamarind added, respectable heat, and a rich flavor. It is probably my favorite sauce by McIlhenny.

          2. Check out Dave's sauces. I use Dave's Total Insanity Sauce, very, very sparingly.


            1. More of a comment than a recommendation . . .

              Sometimes the medium level sauces are a bit easier to handle. Using the hottest sauces is a lot like working with plutonium - one or two extra drops can have unforeseen consequences. Sort of like making mixed drinks with Everclear . . but that's another story.

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              1. re: Bob Martinez

                Point taken, and since one cannot have too many hot sauces I recommend Sriracha. Not as macho as others mentioned, but it still flattens me, and I am absolutely addicted to it for its great taste. I find it pretty readily in larger asian markets. Look for a rooster on the bottle.


                1. re: Deb Van D

                  Sriracha's my favorite as well. I first encountered it in a tiny Korean/Diner restaurant in Chicago. We use it at home to add kick to stir fries and liven up other food.

                  I also prefer crushed red pepper flakes in cooking to most hot sauces. I find it adds a better kick while cooking the dish. Hot sauces are for after something's cooked.

                  1. re: LisaLou

                    Another alternative to try is "ABC" brand from indonesia, comes in one of those ketchup glass bottles. A little spicier than sriracha.

                    1. re: SG

                      I am a big fan of their hot sauce as well. It does come in different varieties--Seafood, Tropical Chilli, Extra Hot Chilli, Lampung Chilli,and Sweet and Hot. They also produce a good kecap manis, an Indionesia sweet soy sauce that has a viscosity half way between soy sauce and molasses. ABC's Kecap Manis and Extra Hot Chilli sauce is a match made for fried rice.

                      Here in SF it is available in many Asian grocery stores.

                      1. re: mikeb

                        I'm not so sure I needed to know that they have different varieties. Now, I must find them. Thanks for the heads up.

                        1. re: LisaLou

                          Sorry to do that to you, allow me to help. Here's an online vendor, if you can't find them in a store near you. They're based in Woodside, NY.


                    2. re: LisaLou

                      I agree with that, I dry habaneros and crush them and add them to regular hot pepper flakes to add kick. Cooking it make a huge difference to me, much smoother than adding them after cooking. (In my opinion). I only add hot sauce after cooking, also.

                      1. re: LisaLou

                        "Rooster Sauce"! Love that stuff. I first had it at Tu Lan in San Francisco. Great stuff.

                      2. re: Deb Van D

                        I discovered Sriracha recently at the Dumpling House on Eldridge Street here in New York City. Medium hot and very tasty. I found a massive 28 oz. bottle in a Chinese grocery a half block away for $2.25 and I've been using it on grilled burgers and bratwursts for the last month. It's great!

                        1. re: Deb Van D

                          Oh, I *love* this stuff.
                          I was never a fan of hot sauce on eggs, but then I met Sriracha.

                          And, I found it at the local Meijer store.

                          1. re: Deb Van D

                            Yeah I love Sri Racha as well, and you're right it's cheap & readily available in the Huy Fong label. Sri Racha is originally a Thai sauce and Huy Fong is a Vietnamese company based in LA, and they do a good job making an American style Sri Racha--it's very good but seems a bit high on vinegar and it's got a kind of salsa-consistency which is good but really nothing like what you find in Thailand. Thai sri racha is thin. I guess the purist in me says I like Huy Fong but it's not really sri racha so I wish it was called something else (maybe salsa racha). As another poster suggested, ABC (Indonesian) is good too, similar to sri racha but with a stronger chile flavor. Lately I have been using "Fresh Thai chile sauce" (link below) which is *super hot* and has a Sri Racha flavor but definitely hotter. You might try some real sri racha, look for Shark brand or a few others that are actually made in Thailand and available in Asian stores. Arroy Dee!


                            1. re: Fritz

                              THANKS for that information. I have a crazed need now to try this and kecap manis--and about 12 others. Bankruptcy by Hot Sauce. Kob-khun kha!

                            2. re: Deb Van D

                              huy fong also makes a chunky chili sauce with chopped red chilies with seeds, vinegar, salt, garlic, no sugar. its hot, but not like haberno hot, and has great mellow flavor to spice up chinese style meals, as well as dishes featuring meats.

                          2. I like Mad Dog 357. It is extermemly hot, although not THE hottest. Not sure you can say that one is both THE HOTTEST and the ABSOLUTE BEST TASTING. Really one has nothing to do with the other.

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                            1. re: AlanH

                              Absolutley agree, one has nothing to do with the other.
                              The key to good hot food is that it is to hot to eat, but to damn good not to. You will put up with the pain for the flavor.
                              Daves Insanity is hot, but I think the hottest is Blairs 3am Reserve. They claim 2,000,000 scoville units. I would find little use for either, but I do use a dash of Daves in my wing sauce.
                              I'm probably boring, but I like everything Tabassco makes. I also love the original Louisiana Brand hot sauce, not real hot,it takes the place of ketchup at my house.
                              My current favorite is Yucatan Sunshine Habanero sauce.
                              It will likely change cause I'm a sucker for anything I haven't tried and will buy new sauces all the time.
                              Does anyone try that bread eating thing to stop the burning? I read that you are stuck with it for 6 minutes no matter what, and then the only effective relief is clear alcohols, vodka, tequila, etc.

                              1. re: Bob

                                Yes Bob, I'd have to say it's ALL good.

                                There are quite literally HUNDREDS, if not thousands of hot sauces available. To say one is the absolute best is impossible. There are varying ranges of heat, different types of peppers with different flavors, many kinds of smoky sauces, as well as garlicky sauces. I once tasted over 50 kinds in one day at a BBQ festival in Mass-- what an incredible experience. I dont think I've been that awake in years! Dave's is really good for a widely distributed "alternative" brand, but there are many as good or better.

                                1. re: Bob

                                  Blair's 5 AM - Certified 5.5 - 6 Million Scoville Units. Beautifully bottled in an English jar with silver and white Italian resin and Blair's skull. Signed waiver required for purchase. Limited quantities, only 999 were made and the price on E-Bay rises steadily. Each bottle is handmade, signed and numbered & filled with a world record breaking 6 million Scoville Unit oil. "Use extreme caution! This is not a sauce! Avoid any and all skin contact! This is it my friends. The last of the Reserve Series." Ingredients: natural pepper flavoring, soybean oil, Cayenne chilies. Manufactured in New Jersey.
                                  2.0 oz. for $99.99


                                  1. re: AlanH

                                    only 999, and not 666?

                              2. I'm quite fond of Jardine's Blazing Saddle sauce. It's habanero, very hot, but very light on vinegar, so you taste the peppers.


                                This is pretty similar to the formulation made by a friend of mine: