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Aug 20, 2002 01:05 PM

red wine

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Hi all,

I need some advice on a gift. I want to give my friends a nice bottle of red wine, something in the $40 range retail. Any ideas? I know *nothing* about wine. Please help!


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  1. Wide-open field...If you have a wine seller you trust, my best advice would be to consult with him/her. If 100 Chowhounds give you a suggestion, you'll have 100 different (albeit excellent) suggestions, with no guarantee that you can actually lay hands on a given bottle. If you go to your local wine shop, the wine's right might even get a taste.

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    1. re: GG Mora

      You're right. Thanks for the advice. I will post on my local board (Boston) to find a good wine seller in the area.

    2. I've received gifts of wine from Windsor Vineyards. I know fairly little about wine (I'm learning), but was directed to Windsor by my father.

      I (and every one of my dinner guests) have consistently enjoyed everything I've opened from them, and their customer service is good.


      1. Two thoughts. You can probably find a bottle of Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape for around $40 which would be appreciated. For yourself, if there's a Trader Joe's around, you can pick up a couple of bottles of Black Mountain Meritage 2000 for about $5.99 @. Not too complex but very drinkable and as such a pretty good value.

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        1. re: mc michael

          mc michael, I went with your suggestion for Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape. Got a 2000 for $34 at Wine Bottega in Boston's North End. (Store suggestion from folks on the Boston board.) Thanks!

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            There was also some talk about Columbia Crest. As far as their reds go, I've found that it's definitely worth it to pay a buck or two more for the ones with words "Grand Estates" on the label. Hope your friend likes the wine. If he knows wine, he's probably heard of it.