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"White Trash"-themed barbecue: your suggestions?

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We're throwing out 3rd annual "white trash"-themed barbecue -- over SIXTY guests.

Some people consider "white trash" a perjorative. Obviously it's a harsh terminology, but we mean it playfully since many of our guests (and one of the hosts) identify themselves as white trash.

The way we mean the term, it describes Americans who don't identify with any ethnicity per se and who grew up within no cultural tradition beyond TV; not necessarily northern or southern, not necessarily rural, suburban or urban.

Here's where the chowhound challenge begins: I have asked my "evite" guests to propose their best examples of white trash food. I then hunt down ways to prepare the foods they list -- prepare it REALLY WELL.

For example, many guests in their ignorance consider "BBQ" to be the exemplar of white trash foods. Most just don't know real barbecue, so I set myself to educating them, preparing the best Carolina-style vinegar-based barbecue I can manage. "Cooked low and slow," etc. My best efforts turned out pretty well; many guests swore to me they had no idea barbecue could be so fine.

Other stuff I provide, in the best form I can manage: hot dogs, burgers, condiments, lemonade, jam cake, pork rinds, Buffalo wings, corn on the cob, pb&j sandwiches, black walnut cake, Jell-o shots, hash browns, fries with cheese and/or gravy, and mountain oysters. Plus rappie pie; technically Nova Scotian, but doesn't it SEEM white trash?

Only chowhounds can understand what I'm asking: what belongs on a white trash barbecue menu, and how can I do it up PROUD?

Let's try to keep this topic un-flame-y. Possible? It's a challenge.

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  1. Nothing beats the classic Elvis sandwich--peanut butter, banana and bacon deepfried in butter. Actually, that's how I first heard it, but more reliable sources tend to leave out the bacon. And needless to say, it must be on white bread.

    If you really want to impress us, though, get your hands on some real, authentic moonshine.

    1. Hey, Clams, What you need is a copy of Ernie Mickler's White Trash Cookbook. He was the master.

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      1. re: Pat Hammond
        Jackie Avery

        That cookbook is remarkable. Really wonderful. My favorite recipe is for Resurrection Cake... It has a cup of Jack Daniels poured over the top, and is strong enough to resurrect the dead. It always livens up a party! Oh, and delicious too.

        1. re: Jackie Avery

          My two favorite recipes in there are for:

          "Baloney Roll-ups"

          1 package Winn-Dixie baloney
          1 jar French's mustard
          1 carton orange juice

          Roll slice of baloney, dip in jar of mustard; eat.
          Tastes best if eaten in front of open refrigerator.
          Follow with orange juice drank straight from the carton.

          and, "Jelly Jar Shake-ups"

          1 almost-empty jar of jelly

          Pour milk into jelly jar. Shake the hell out of it.
          The kids love it.

        2. re: Pat Hammond
          Jackie Avery

          That cookbook is remarkable. Really wonderful. My favorite recipe is for Resurrection Cake... It has a cup of Jack Daniels poured over the top, and is strong enough to resurrect the dead. It always livens up a party! Oh, and delicious too.

          1. re: Jackie Avery

            Jackie, I went to high school with a whole bunch of Micklers. I'm pretty sure Ernie was just a year behind me. I think he'd be amused and complimented by most of this thread. He died way too young. My first *real* boyfriend dumped me for a beautiful Mickler girl!

          2. re: Pat Hammond

            My momma just gave me this cookbook for my birthday. Do you think the recipes will still work in a Dehrillon copper fry pan I just bought? ;)

            1. re: Tater

              Only if you bought it at the Dollar Store.

          3. d
            David "Zeb" Cook

            How's this for a start?
            Pig-in-a-blanket (for the kids. sure)
            White Wonder Bread (served in the bag)
            Dill slices (cheaper the better)
            Onions & cucumbers in vinegar and sugar
            Sliced tomatoes
            Corn on the cob
            Dr. Pepper
            A cake with big white fluffy frosting
            A pot of stewed cocktail weenies
            Jello salad (the kind with marshmallows)
            Waldorf salad

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            1. re: David "Zeb" Cook

              Ooo, cukes in vinegar and sugar! I loved that as a kid. I'll do it! Best part (and it shares this with the pb & banana sandwiches): I bet my vegetarian guests will love it.

              (No butter on the PB & B's)

              1. re: Clams247
                David "Zeb" Cook

                Yeah, my grandmother always had them on the table. Plus she always had cottage cheese out too. Simple pleasures of childhood.

                David "Zeb" Cook

              2. re: David "Zeb" Cook

                Hey, I serve coleslaw, sliced tomataes, corn on the cob, cucumber salad with vinegar, sugar,and sour cream, and ribs every summer. I know now that I am truly white trash (despite my Ph.D.)because, in addition to the above I also usually include "copper pennies" : carrots, onion, and green pepper chunks in a sweet and sour sauce. Yikes. And I grew up in New York state...

                You can take the girl out of the country...

                1. re: Liz

                  I agree, Zeb has certainly lived a sheltered life if he thinks coleslaw, corn on the cob and watermelon are trashy.

                  For God's sake, Martha Stewart shows that stuff in her summer picnic layouts (along with the pashminas tied to the folding chairs).

                2. re: David "Zeb" Cook

                  Onions & cucumbers in vinegar and sugar, and sliced beets too - I always assumed that was a Danish thing. A winter salad for the non-tomato months.

                3. -Greenie Beanie Casserole with those Durkee onion ring things on top (imagine a version made with fresh beans, a flavored bechamel instead of canned soup, and topped with homemade onion straws)

                  -Ambrosia salad and/or jello mold (marshmallows NOT optional)

                  -Try making homemade versions of commercial baked products (imagine a delectable sponge cake finger filled with real vanilla flavored cream, a very chocolatey cream filled mini chocolate cake dipped in chocolate, etc.)

                  1. Please consider "Watergate Salad," a dish I was introduced to at pot-lucks at work. I clearly remember the woman who brought the version I tasted saying that it only had three ingredients: Cool-Whip and undiluted Jello pistachio pudding mix were two of them, but I couldn't remember the third. A Google search yielded a recipe with more than three ingredients, but it's about as "trailer trashy" as a recipe can get.

                    Link: http://www.saladrecipe.com/az/WtrgtSl...

                    1. Two words: Tuna casserole.

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                      1. re: Miles
                        torta basilica

                        with crumbled potato chip topping, of course

                        1. re: torta basilica

                          I think Tuna Helper would be more appropriate.

                      2. I once attended a completely unironic "White Trash" BBQ in Seagrove, NC.

                        We were told to bring our own meat to grill. The hosts furnished condiments, canned beer, moonshine, weed, speed, potato guns, M-80s, and a kickball (complete with diamond).

                        That's probably not what you have in mind.

                        How about:

                        pork rinds, deviled eggs, pimiento cheese, bunny bread, macaroni salad, kool-aid, sweet tea, duke's, brunswick stew, pintos, fried okra, boiled peanuts, squash casserole, green bean casserole, bread and butter pickles, banana pudding, red velvet cake, chess pie, chick-o-sticks, canned beer, wine coolers, jack daniel's....... and goody's headache powder.

                        For music, may I humbly suggest the Southern Culture On The Skids albumns Too Much Pork For Just One Fork, Ditch Diggin', and Dirt Track Date. Or Skynyrd.

                        Erik M.

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                        1. re: Erik M.

                          Your hosts forgot to provide automatic weapons and a Caterpillar 929 for the mud run. As for food, the centerpiece would be a rustled Angus beef, hung and dressed on the engine hoist at Junior's Sunoco sometime the night before, quartered with a chainsaw and roasted (somewhat unevenly) over a fire of pallet
                          skids started with five gallons of gasoline. For music, David Allen Coe's "Son of a son of a son of a bitch" and "Suck 'em-silly Shirley" would be in heavy
                          rotation. Any white trash gathering worthy of mention
                          will include in the course of the event:

                          5 fights (at least)
                          2 hospital runs
                          10 arrests
                          The total supply of all the Busch beer in a 30-mile radius.
                          The incineration of all the household furniture (which was moved outside for the occasion), 2 Japanese motorcycles and most of the siding from the neighbors' outbuildings in a giant bonfire.

                          Let's get trashy! Forget the devilled eggs. The only
                          thing you'll find cooking is maybe a little meth in the root cellar.

                          1. re: flavrmeistr

                            Obviously, I gotta get back down to Florida.

                            I have attended Who Else? Club (bikers) pig roasts, in western Illinois, that were a whole lot more like what you've just described. Steppenwolf cover bands, keg tosses, wet t-shirt contests, police sirens, and all that.

                            That was very evocative, BTW. Thanks.

                            I was initially intending to mention D.A.C. However, I thought the reference might be a little too oblique.

                            Regarding my initial post.. I hope that I didn't offend anyone. My list of food/drink items--admittedly heavy on Southern "delicacies"--happens to be comprised of things that I love and adore. Yankee "white trash" grub is not even worth noting.

                            Erik M.

                            1. re: Erik M.

                              This particular event was also in Illinois, outside of
                              Peoria to be exact. It was a social event host by a large (and understandably nameless) organization of motorcycle enthusiasts. When I read the title "White
                              Trash Party", this is what came to mind, not southerners eating marshmallow salad by the above-ground pool. The only food I can recall at that gig
                              was the unattended, fly-blown hunks of beef. We were
                              hired to play music. The money was good, but we didn't
                              hang around long. There's white trash, and then there's white trash.

                              1. re: Erik M.

                                Last biker party I went to in Florida back in '98 I ended up with a lousy tattoo, a flat tire on my mud covered bike, a fat lip and black eye, half my mustache was burned off, and the wildest, loudest, meanest, damn ornery hangover of my life... everyone tells me I had a blast... especially my ex gf who stumbled home in the wee hours wondering where I had gone off to and woke me up with screams and flying pbjects when she noticed I had company in bed with me... she just wouldn't believe that as far as I know nothing happened... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! (I'm old enough to know betta and still too young to care.)

                            2. re: Erik M.

                              Irony? Who said anything about irony? I'm shooting for quality, not irony. You make excellent suggestions! (I have a couple questions down below.) (So to speak.)

                              I'm providing all the meat, beer, and liquor. Last year, the guests took care of their own drugs. As it happens, I gave three of the guests "boughten" potato guns for Christmas, and I'll remind them to bring 'em. I live on a pretty sketchy block in the shadow of Brooklyn's Gowanus Expressway, so M80s are unadvised unless we want gunplay from nearby apartment buildings. The backyard is too small for kickball, but maybe horseshoes.

                              Explain to me "dukes" and "boiled peanuts." I'm from Massachusetts.

                              1. re: Clams247


                                Have you checked out the South Board, recently? You'll see a rather lengthy discussion about boiled peanuts. I love 'em. Some people hold that against me, though.

                                Remember the recent "tomato sandwich" thread on this board? Some people insisted on homemade mayo, some insisted on Hellman's, and others insisted on Duke's mayo.

                                Good Luck,
                                Erik M.

                                1. re: Clams247

                                  Boiled peanuts... One of the things I miss the most from my two years lining in rural middle Georgia... get a five or ten pounds of RAW fresh peanuts in the shell in chinatowm... get a BIG pot and fill it 3/4 with water and a few big ole grabs or salt... like 1 cup or more per gallon of water. Add peanuts and bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer and cover. Cook for 1-2 hours... Taste peanuts... the shell should mush off real easy and the nuts should be soft and tender with a butty, salty, beany flavor... scoop out peanuts and throw in small paper bags (for the authenticity of buying from a roadside stand.) Eat hot with lotsa icey cold canned beer. Good stuff!

                                  If you want you can add garlic powder and or cayenne to the water but that's gilding the lily.

                                  1. re: The Rogue

                                    I found a webpage that suggests "crab boil" in the water.

                                    Sorry, I'm from the land of lobster, not crab. Is crab boil the same as Old Bay? Or is it a crab-flavored boullion?

                                    1. re: Clams247

                                      Yep ole bay or zacharains.

                                      1. re: the rogue

                                        For shame, Rogue. Don't you remember it's Zatarain's? Time you git back down here for sum re-reeducatin'.

                                        1. re: Tater

                                          Damn I was having a bad morning... made several mistakes... My poor brain is fried from writing deadlines at school. Well I only have two weeks to go and I'll have finished four masters degrees in less than five years. Then I'll take a long vacation chowhoundin around the country and regrow my southern rootlets... and then look for work or go back to school.

                                    2. re: The Rogue
                                      Jackie Avery

                                      Please tell me you meant the peanuts should have a buttery, not BUTTY, flavor! Yowza.

                                      I'm going to try this recipe, thanks.

                                      1. re: Jackie Avery

                                        Oops... ROFLOL... see what happens when you are burnt out from wo0rking on your thesis? I meant Nutty flavor... butty is what happens a few hours later... So make sure everyone has plenty of beer and no one will notice.

                                    3. re: Clams247

                                      And there's always the Lee Brothers at http://www.boiledpeanuts.com.

                                      I seem to remember my mother making an intensely scary, but rather compelling dessert by whipping together Philly cream cheese and a can of fruit cocktail and freezing it in a tray. "Aunt Catherine Salad", she called it. I suppose for her Aunt Catherine, but who can say? It could be anyone's Aunt Catherine.

                                      And whatever you do, don't forget to mix together ketchup and grape jelly for use as a condiment. Ideally on cocktail weenies.

                                      Link: http://www.boiledpeanuts.com

                                      1. re: Kat Kinsman

                                        The version I learned from a sister of a roommate long ago was to take the top off a can of peaches, pour the juice into a bowl and mix the cream cheese with the the juice. Then pour it back into the can over the peaches (as much as will fit). Freeze and then pursuade the thing to exit the can in one piece. Slice and serve.

                                        I tried it recently. It was awful!

                                  2. c
                                    Caitlin Wheeler

                                    Ham in Coca-Cola. Nigella Lawson's recipe is fabulous. Also, jello shots, of course. (homemade gelatin shots made with muscat wine or specialty liquors?)

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                                    1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                                      Got a recipe for us for gelatin shots? Please?

                                      1. re: Sharuf

                                        Get jello in assorted flavors... get small 2oz medicine cups or the smallest size dixie cups... make jello according to directions but replace half the water with vodka... pour into the cups... no more than 2oz per cup... chill til firm and serve. Warning... these get ya'll smashed... sneak up on ya.

                                        1. re: Sharuf

                                          Ask any 16 year old, they'll know how to make them.

                                        2. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                                          I had a request for Coke Ham, and had no idea what it was. Thanks for Nigella's recipe!

                                          Jell-o shots were VERY popular last year, and will be repeated this time with gusto.

                                        3. t
                                          torta basilica

                                          Are you trying to feed them well or just be trashy? I once won the 'pupus' competition at a White Trash party with 'Hawaiian Kebabs' - spam chunks, velveeta chunks interlaced with pineapple chunks in heavy syrup, garnished with a maraschino cherry.

                                          Why did I win? no one touched them - evidentally that was the secret criteria for winning - no one had come near nor even considered eating your food.

                                          Other classy foods are cheese whiz body shots, anything with Ritz crackers - their faux apple pie is especially tacky - topped with Cool Whip, of course, pickled eggs, beer nuts, etc. Drinks - generic only - Lady Lee, etc.

                                          Decor - plastic covered furniture & lamp shades, pickup trucks or old RVs on the front lawn, HUGE ratty boxers & bras hanging from a clothesline in the front yard and... a Dough Boy pool!

                                          I lost the costume contest, but thought I should have won wearing one of those fake bikini body t-shirts, tons of frosted eyeshadow, hair all ratted & dolled up in a side ponytail, Lancome gift bag as a purse & truly hideous dangling earrings - I'm still upset about not winning, if you can't tell.

                                          Have fun - these are a hoot!

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                                          1. re: torta basilica

                                            Maybe you lost the costume contest because you forgot the black eye.

                                            1. re: GG Mora

                                              "maybe you lost the contest because you forgot the black eye"

                                              .or the black tooth.

                                            2. re: torta basilica

                                              'Wears on the clothesline. Brilliant.

                                              God be my witness, I SHALL make a Ritz Cracker Mock Apple Pie. I remember salivating while reading that recipe and listening to Davis Essex sing "Rock On" on AM --long ago! The time has come to eat Mock Apple Pie. With Kool Whip.

                                              A lot of people keep requesting SPAM, but as you say, although it's iconically "white trash," I don't think anyone will actually eat it. Were your kabobs ...good?

                                              1. re: torta basilica

                                                Boxers on the clothesline. Brilliant!

                                                I remember salivating while reading the recipe for mock Turtle Pie on the Ritz box -- while listening to David Essex on AM singing "Rock On." Long ago! The time has come to bake a mock apple pie, charming Billy. Let is be so!

                                                A lot of guests request SPAM, but I honestly don't think anyone will eat it. Were your kabobs tasty at all?

                                                Beer nuts I got. Inflatable pool I got. But WHAT are Lady Lee?


                                              2. How about dirty rice? I love this stuff. Zatarain's makes a good one. Thanks for listening!

                                                1. All terrain vehicles (3 wheelers preferred); only a few more teeth than guests present. Mountain Dew for the kids.

                                                  1. Excellent!

                                                    There's no waitin' when it comes to white trash barbecue; just detach the nailgun from the air compressor hose & blast away. Perfect coals in no time and a helluva light show too.

                                                    Also, "Presbyterian Salad" was something my step-mom's parents always had at dinner parties. I don't know any Presbyterians so I'm not sure how authentic it is or what. It's made in a large ring-like mold of small marshmallows, canned mandarin oranges, canned pineapple chunks, and maybe something like mayo (sour cream?) to bind it all together... This may be the same thing as "Ambrosia salad" that was mentioned but I've never in my life ever seen anything quite like it.

                                                    6 Replies
                                                    1. re: cheyenne

                                                      Add strawberry jello as a binder and you have what's known in my household as "Penny's Pink Stuff". After it sits on the counter for a while, it kind of loses it's shape. It tastes good, though.

                                                      1. re: flavrmeistr

                                                        Yoplait now has a "fluffy" yogurt - I had the orange flavor. I SWEAR TO GOD it was exactly like church picnic congealed salad. I flipped the carton around and sure enough, gelatin in the ingredients. Where are the damn mini-marshmellows?

                                                        In my house (Ok, in my Mom's house) "Ambrosia" means a big bowl of carefully separated citrus sections and juice with some sweetened coconut. It's diped out with a punch ladel - but is considered one of the required salads for a holiday buffet. I do, however, have some earlier memories of something with mini-marshmellows and sour cream, may have to call my Mom.

                                                        And what about Pistachio salad? Green pudding, pineapple, and cool whip.

                                                        BTW, I haven't read the whole thread because something has happened to make the whole site molasses slow for me...but am I the only one who thinks the term "white trash" is impolite (racist)? It's not a term I would use (at least not in public).

                                                        1. re: Danna

                                                          Ambrosia (aka 5-cup salad):

                                                          Sour Cream
                                                          Mini Marshmallows
                                                          Mandarin Orange slices
                                                          Sweetened Coconut
                                                          Chunks of Pineapple

                                                          Maybe throw on a few marashino(sp?) cherries. It was my favorite summer dessert as a kid.

                                                          1. re: cjb

                                                            re "ambrosia" - I dont like it with mayo or sour cream.

                                                            If you use make it with fresh pineapple, slice bananas some fresh lemon or lime juice with sugar to taste and a few splashes of rum or malibu (a rum coconut liqueur) it will be pretty damn good by anybody's standards.

                                                            1. re: jen kalb

                                                              Sounds great - can't wait to share this version with my mom! :)

                                                      2. re: cheyenne

                                                        Presbyterian salad made me laugh so hard. It reminded me of what my (Italian) mom called "Protestant sandwiches" which contained white bread, velveeta, and mayo.

                                                      3. f

                                                        Marshmellow fluff, and peanut butter on Wonder bread. Also any Little Debbie Snacks would be appropriate.

                                                        1. BEER CAN CHICKEN

                                                          Pop open a 12-oz domestic beer (Schlitz, Rheingold, Pabst) and make a coupla additional holes in the top of the can.
                                                          Soak the wood chips for your grill in 6 ounces of the beer for about an hour (use additional water to cover the chips, if necessary).
                                                          Rub a 3 to 4 pound chicken with your favorite spices.
                                                          Place the half-filled beer can on a flat surface and (this is very important!) LOVINGLY lower the chicken onto the beer can through her rear cavity. Adjust her legs so she sits upright, real queenly-like.
                                                          Place her on her throne (the grill) and cook over indirect heat (about 350 degrees) for about 1 1/2 hours
                                                          till she's cooked all the way through and nicely browned.
                                                          Bring her to the table. Lift her off the can carefully and toss the empty can. Carve and serve 2-3.

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                                                          1. re: scott

                                                            Hot dogs doused in ketchup

                                                            Kraft mac and cheese

                                                          2. BeanieWeenies!
                                                            Canned baked beans , hot dogs (Oscar Mayer all beef )sliced or not , brown sugar and a little vinegar , all simmered in a Crock Pot . You could really make a great from-scratch version , I'm sure . And the " all the Busch beer in a 30 mile radius " made me LOL . Also , I can't remember the name of the dish , but a friend ( who is NOT white trash but knows good food when he eats it ) made a appetizer from canned mini Vienna sausages covered in a sauce that I think was ketchup and vinegar and molasses . All kinda sweet and sour and sticky . You plucked out the little hot dogs with a toothpick ( until you got drunk and used your fingers ) and it was frighteningly tasty .

                                                              1. re: Fritz

                                                                With Franco-American canned gravy.

                                                                1. re: GG Mora

                                                                  Actually, Campbell's golden mushroom soup makes a decent gravy base for meatloaf.

                                                              2. Interesting that many of the 'recipes' (in the loosest definition possible) posted under this topic are things I grew up eating in the 1970s. My mother is a fairly decent cook but I think I can speak for most of us belonging to Generation X when I say that very few of us escaped casserole with those crunchy onion rings on top. Also - anything cooked with a can of campbells cream of mushroom soup poured over it. Yuck - jello molds containing fruit cocktail topped with cool whip, velveeta (anything with velveeta), tatertots (how about those, eh?), instant mashed potatoes...I could go on...but I won't.

                                                                1. What a pack of hypocrites!!! If it had been any other stereotyped group there would be a massive outcry against this idiocy.

                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                  1. re: Gene

                                                                    Aaah, but so many of us spring from that background, or very near . . . can't we laugh at ourselves? That's the food I grew up with!

                                                                  2. OHMYGAWD!! I just had to dig out my WHite Trash Cooking Book, by Matthew Mickler and look up some of the recipes.
                                                                    He has: Gaynell's Tater Toes Casserole, Mary Magdalene's Arsh Potater Salad, Mary Lou's Deviled-Up Collard Green Surprise, Orlene's Beauty Parlor Pound Cake, Miss Fayda Mae's Fruit Cocktail Gravy Cobbler, Ovella's Beefed up Pork and Beans, Freddie Lou's Geeched Cabbage, Covered Dog Pizza, Midnight Crunchy Crumb Tuna Casserole, Coolin Off Ice Tea, Rack of Spam, Post Grape Nuts Lorraine, and my all time favorite Sluicey-Dab in a Foot Tub. Now if you want a specific recipe, just ask for it!

                                                                    1. I just read this entire thread and am soooooo hungry now! Think I'll make some of Gertrude Snipe's Snippy Grits for breakfast with fried Taylor ham and fried eggs.
                                                                      We are makin' fun of some of these foods, but some are just great and make my mouth water just thinkin' about them!!

                                                                      1. THANK YOU ALL!

                                                                        I have made requests for further information about "dukes," boiled peanuts, and Lady Lee. I'm searching the internet.

                                                                        I refer questions about Jell-o shots to the internet. Ample available recipes and scientific studies abound.

                                                                        The following now join my menu: pigs in blankets, cukes in vinegar and sugar, Ritz mock apple pie, Coke ham, and peanut butter and banana grilled sandwiches (propitiously memorializing the anniversary of our loss of The King). Maybe Watergate salad or its bastard sibling "ambrosia," maybe. Dr. Pepper. Durkee fried "onion rings" as topping here and there.

                                                                        Zatarans products were indeed scheduled to appear. I neglected to mention them. What's the feeling about Zatarans? I love the beans and rice. Is it vegan?

                                                                        I regret that anyone feels insulted by the term "white trash." I use it to describe specifically the part of American society that identifies with no particular Old World ethnicity or no New World subculture, and which lacks much education beyond TV. I am specifically seeking to celebrate the food tradition of such people -- among whom many of the guests and one of the hosts grew up.

                                                                        Notice if you read this thread, a lot of respondants suggest that brand name foods must be used -- expressly low-quality foods, often. Not to be a spoil-sport, but isn't it odd that many people think white trash food must be low quality? This seems un-chowhoundish to me.

                                                                        KEEP YOUR EXCELLENT SUGGESTIONS COMING, and thank you all. I really LOVE you guys.

                                                                        2 Replies
                                                                        1. re: Clams247
                                                                          Caitlin McGrath

                                                                          Lady Lee is a store brand (if that's what someone is referring to) that's probably carried by several chains.

                                                                          Duke's is a southern brand of mayonnaise (see recent tomato sandwich thread).

                                                                          For info/opinions on boiled peanuts, search for same on the south board here on Chowhound.

                                                                          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                                                            Boiled peanuts kind-of taste like Edamame. Not too bad, except you have to buy them on the side of the road.

                                                                        2. How 'bout white trash versions of things? White trash benedict -- two slices of fried spam on a toasted hamburger bun, covered with a poached egg and Velveeta. White trash sushi -- be creative with fish sticks. How about the lil smokies crockpot recipe with the grape jelly?

                                                                          As for making tasty versions of "trashy" things, you could probably make some pretty tasty homemade fish sticks. Make a Brunswick stew with squirrel and call it Road Kill Stew. Get some venison and make some bambi-que or venison jerky. Biscuits with red eye gravy, yum. Decorate a cake up like that armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias (scary, but they do make armadillo-shaped springform pans).

                                                                          Other suggestions -- pork rinds, tator tots, jello molds, lots of PBR, and a celebratory bottle of Jaeger.

                                                                          Do let us know what all you end up making. Sounds like a blast.

                                                                          Blue skies,

                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                          1. re: Catherine

                                                                            Ooo! I forgot Biscuits and Gravy! That was a special request of my buddy Wayne, who grew up with a wooden outhouse in his yard, who had neighbors who decorated THEIR yard with animal heads on sticks, and who shook the hand of Johnny Cash. Wayne gave me his Red Eye Gravy recipe, and would probably knock me down if I had forgot!



                                                                          2. How about some very well done collard greens. Start with a high quality home made chicken stock. Add a ham hock or two, and the greens. After they cook down for a while I like to saute some onions and garlic, then add some diced andouille sausage to it and throw that in. You might want to add some extra hot Rotel tomatos to spice it up. Self serve in a big pot outside w/ pepper vinegar and a big stack of cornbread next to it. My mother in law makes a snack called 'white trash'. Pretzels, Chex mix and various salty snacks tossed with melted white chocolate...

                                                                            1. Slim-Jims.

                                                                              1. Cheetos, mac and cheese (from a box, please), pimento cheese on white bread, fried catfish, tater tots, corn bread, pickled okra, battered and fried corn on the cob, cocktail sausages in barbecue sauce, any Spam dish, a jello mold with marshmallows in it, Ranch Style Beans, Velveeta melted with picante sauce and tortilla chips for dipping, Miracle Whip cole slaw, and Corny Dogs.

                                                                                3 Replies
                                                                                1. re: Greg Spence

                                                                                  I forgot! Smoke a whole bologna for sandwiches.

                                                                                  1. re: Greg Spence

                                                                                    Macaroni and cheese is an example of the lousy mass-produced sort of food I try to replace with its better old-school version.

                                                                                    Last year, I made my Nana's best macaroni and cheese from scratch. Topped with crushed Ruffles potato chips. Nobody touched it. Nobody even cracked the cheesy surface.

                                                                                    People requested BOX mac-n-cheese this year. I probably will.

                                                                                    1. re: Greg Spence

                                                                                      Cheetos are appropriate. Also, Lay's Bar-B-Que Potato Chips. And some pork rinds.

                                                                                    2. b
                                                                                      Brandon Nelson

                                                                                      Get some crawdads...

                                                                                      We just knocked off 12 lbs at my buddies bacheolor party. Once you get them clean they are easy and tasty. You only need a big pot to cook em, and newspaper ( what else at a white trash party) to serve them on after they are drained. White trash lobster!


                                                                                      1. So many replies. While this is more of a Christmas dessert - it's defintely trashy. It's a variation of rice crispy treats. Melt marshmallows - add green food coloring - not light green but deep jade green - use the whole bottle. Stir in cornflakes. Place a spoonful on wax paper - take index finger and stick in the middle of the rounded pile and creat a doughnut shape. Scatter with red hot candies. You have created a christmas wreath. What's trashy - besides being in August - is when eats one your whole mouth turns green - tounge, teeth and gums. Oh and by the way, we made these at a NYT graphics Christmas party once.

                                                                                        5 Replies
                                                                                        1. re: mt

                                                                                          wow - that was excellent.

                                                                                          Another dessert suggestions: Puddin' Cake

                                                                                          At my former job at a textile firm, all office pot-luck functions resulted in some sort of pudding cake. No need for a recipe, just get a sheet cake pan and start layering...Nasty version: layers consist of Cool Whip, instant pudding, cream cheese, graham
                                                                                          crackers, sweetened condensed milk, and combinations there-of. Popular variation was called "dirt cake" which had layers of ground up oreos (the dirt). Cake also known as "dump cake" (very appetizing name) may have pineapple (canned) and coconut.

                                                                                          Tasty version: Just make tiramisu and call it puddin' cake.

                                                                                          1. re: Danna

                                                                                            Was this concoction baked? Or uncooked, like a refrigerator dessert?

                                                                                            1. re: Sharuf

                                                                                              Uncooked, most definately.

                                                                                              And I think it is particularly attractive in those disposable aluminum pans one can buy at the supermarket.

                                                                                              1. re: Danna

                                                                                                the concoction described above gives a real pudding cake a bad name.(the 'real thing' is a miraculous liquid which when baked in a cake pan mysteriously separates into a tasty cake with hot pudding lurking underneath). i'm going to have to dash into the kitchen and make one. chocolate or lemon, i cant decide............joan

                                                                                            2. re: Danna

                                                                                              Along the same lines, there's the ever-delicious nilla wafer banana pudding. If you make your own custard and use real whipped cream it's kind of addictive. Nilla wafers and all.

                                                                                          2. The menu:

                                                                                            Carolina-style pork ribs
                                                                                            burgers and dogs
                                                                                            tater tots
                                                                                            Grits w/ cheese
                                                                                            Mustard greens
                                                                                            Blackeye Peas
                                                                                            Rappie Pie
                                                                                            Rice and beans
                                                                                            Three-layer pudding pie w/ M&Ms
                                                                                            Biscuits and gravy
                                                                                            Sausage Upside-Down Cornbread
                                                                                            Coke ham
                                                                                            Banana and PB Sandwiches
                                                                                            Ice cream sandwiches
                                                                                            Chex mix
                                                                                            Rice Krispy treats
                                                                                            Iconic Spam and Cheez Whiz that no one bothered to open
                                                                                            Jell-o Shots galore

                                                                                            Thanks for all your help

                                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                                            1. re: Clams247

                                                                                              and twenty pounds of wings

                                                                                            2. I saw 'Guy's big bite' this weekend. It seems that anything from that program would work

                                                                                              1. Rappi Pie! Wow--definitely White Trash---though I am not Nova Scotian, I lived there a while, and have to say that if it is a dish that ought to be adopted by all White Trashers across North America. Don't have any other suggestions---just wondering if you might consider extending your invites.....?