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Just got a pop-up ad from Schwan's offering a free frozen dinner. "Restaurant quality cuisine." But of course they don't say whether the restaurant their quality is comparable to is Denny's or French Laundry. :-D

Has anyone tried their frozen dinners?

I surfed their site for a few minutes since I didn't have any idea what they offer and notice they have premium ice cream (they call it Simply Supreme). How does it compare to, say, Ben & Jerry's?

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  1. I have found Scwan's to be better than other frozen meals. However, that is where it ends, as a frozen meal.

    The ice cream is tasty, but not as good as the premium brands out there.

    1. My SIL went through a Schwanns phase... she has arthritis and limited mobility so the grocery store takes a lot out of her. I had some of their stuff while I was visiting her and it was okay. A lot more sugar and salt than I'd use... but it was perfectly edible as these things go. It's not cheap, but for somebody who's not in the position to stand around cooking all day it's not bad.

      1. I enjoy their dinners. I'm pretty fond of the gluten free meatballs and marinara dinner, it was the first time I'd had quinoa pasta. The ice creams ARE excellent, I love them. And they do a good pecan pie. I've tried the penne alla vodka with chicken and I find it to be pretty good but honestly, I don't have that picky of a palate lol When they have the online hot deals, some items can be pretty cheap.

        1. We love Schwan's ice cream - we think it's better than anything we can get in our supermarket. And, it's a heavy container, it's not a lot of whipped air.

          We used to use a lot of their convenience foods (chicken strips, fish filets,etc) when the kids were smaller, but we've gotten away from all of that. I confess I miss the fried fish filets.

          1. The Schwan's product I truly love is their pepper bacon. So good!

            1. Good ice cream, but avoid the frozen twice baked potatoes.

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                Anything seasoned / prepared foods seem to suffer from overuse of nasty garlic flavoring.

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                  Yes, that and it appeared as if someone had stepped on them. Had them at my SIL on an evening where, I think, she had forgotten she invited us to dinner. :-)

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                    Too funny. My MIL is somewhat housebound (at 86, in her own house, managing quite nicely otherwise thank you) and buys a good deal from them (IQF chicken breasts etc). They are useful for some things.

              2. I grew up having Schwans in the summers at grandma's. The one thing I remember very fondly is the rocky road ice cream! Most of the ice cream was very good.

                1. I'm not a big fan of Schwans. They are really common in MN & SD since that is where they are based out of. I find the ice cream a bit too gooey. I have not looked at an ingredient label but it is the gooey texture you find in ones that use lots of stabilizers. The frozen foods I would consider about a notch below Stouffers meals from the grocery store. They are heavily salted and sugared like most convenience food. If someone gave me a bunch of Schwan's food for free I would probably pass on it.