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Aug 1, 2002 11:21 AM

Truffle Oil

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What is a good brand of Truffle Oil, what foods does it enhance best, and is it available in San Francisco Bay Area?

Grazie Tanto

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  1. j
    Janet A. Zimmerman

    Etruria makes a great product -- both black and white truffle oils that positively reek (in a good way) of truffles the moment you open the bottle. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to buy it, since my bottle was given to me. The person who gave it to me said she bought it at a deli in North Beach (in San Francisco), but couldn't remember exactly which one. The company is based here in SF, so I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere.

    As for use, reserve it for drizzling over finished dishes -- that way, you'll get the benefit of the aroma. It's great over mashed potatoes, or to finish potato and leek soup, and is also a good addition to anything with domestic or wild mushrooms.

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    1. re: Janet A. Zimmerman carries the Etruria brand of black truffle oil. Truffles/truffle oil also have/has a great affinity for scrambled eggs and plain pasta. Yum. By the way, our dog gets very interested when we open the bottle...

      1. re: Liz

        Which color white or black would you add to a Wild Mushroom/Asparagus Risotto?

        1. re: Ciaohound

          I prefer the black truffle oil. I haven't had a real, live white truffle butI have had white truffle oil and black truffle oil and real black truffles. Supposedly, the elusive white truffles are the best. Do you have a source?

          1. re: Liz

            I am addicted to truffle oil (prefer the lusty black for most dishes.) My latest decadence is dribbling it over freshly popped corn and then sprinkling on some parmesean-Yummmmmm.Took part in a professional tasting and our favorite was La Truffiere- can get at

        2. re: Liz

          Hmmm? A dog with an affinity for truffles might be just what you need...Oh hell. We know truffles don't grow in the United States, don't we. Tell me I'm right. Can there be millions of nuggets out there...but only you have the dog to sniff them out. Fetch, bowser.

        3. re: Janet A. Zimmerman


          Here is what I thought would be good for the Truffle Oil, see if you agree.

          Sautee some wild mushrooms (cepes or chanterelles ??) in butter. Make a risotto and near the end of the cooking time add the mushrooms and blanched pieces of asparagus.

          Before serving grate some Parmesano Reggiano over the risotto and drizzle with Truffle Oil (I don't know which color).

          We're planning a dinner party with all Italian dishes and this was the first dish we came up with as an idea.

          All Italian food, all Italian music (Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Jerry Vale, Pavarotti, Bocelli, etc.), I even thought about Italian dress code (whatever that is). Something different for us.

          1. re: Ciaohound

            Has anyone tried the black truffle oil carried by Trader Joe? Good? Not?

            1. re: saucyknave

              Decent - especially for the price. I've tried the black truffle which, although not as refined as higher grade, more expensive truffle oils, is perfectly delightful for a nice omelet or for actually cooking. It's not delicate enough (if truffle can be classified as "delicate) for finishing a really special dish.

              but again, at $9/bottle, who's losing sleep?

            2. re: Ciaohound

              Regarding the Italian dinner party:
              There is a CD called Italian Miracles on the Kirkelig Kulturverksted Label. A company out of Norway that produces some truly beautiful music. Each track is by an Italian composer with a wine reccomendation. It was recorded at Castello Banfi in Montalcino.

            3. re: Janet A. Zimmerman

              Whole Foods probably will have them. Dreager's definitely have them. Monlanari (sp?) Italian deli in North carry them as well.

            4. Potato gnocchi is delicious with truffle oil. Toss gnocchi with a little brown butter and drizzle with truffle oil. Simple. Sublime.

              1. white truffle oil is good. pls note, use the entire bottle once you open it up ANY brand of truffle oil, does not hold up on the second day. enjoy

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                1. re: sk

                  "Use the whole bottle": no doubt the words of a Truffle industry executive!

                  Despite your claim I find that it does indeed "hold" for at least a month. The only thing that would lose it's grip is the oil, by becoming rancid, and that won't happen overnight. The truffle essence doesn't seem to dissipate prior to the oil going off.

                  1. re: Phylloxera

                    sorry, i'm no exectutive. I find all the oils lose the essence very very very quickly

                  2. re: sk

                    I find it keeps for quite a long time in the refrigerator (many months). Of course, being olive oil based, it has become solid, but once it sits at room temp for a bit, it melts and is fully aromatic and fully usable.

                  3. The original comment has been removed