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Jul 26, 2002 11:59 PM

Salmon heads

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The Korean-owned fish markets in my neighborhood all sell fresh salmon heads at a very low price. I'd thought they might make a nice fish stock, but it's been my understanding that oily fleshed fish like salmon isn't good for stockmaking. Anyone have any salmon head suggestions?

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  1. My grandmother, who is Japanese as am I, makes a fish stock out of the heads then pops the eyeballs into her mouth and smiles at us as it goes "pop" in her mouth. One day I will try it. Maybe.

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      as does my cambodian g,friend.The eyes,cheeks,etc.add to the breadth of stock.the eyes take some getting used to.J

    2. Salmon heads and skeletons make a wonderful stock, and there's enough meat for a chowder, too.

      It's the big white fish with the thick fatty skin that make an oily tasting stock.

      1. It is delicious grilled like they do with Hamachi heads in Japanese restaurants. Be sure to add enough kosher salt. I also panfry them with salt and pepper and oil, although you house will smell like fish oil for a long time. Finally, I think if you want to make a stock, you should panfry them slightly before making the soup. It takes some of the fishiness out. Maybe because some of the oil is rendered...I'm not sure. Margret

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          I think if you put some ginger in the oil it's supposed to help cut the smell

        2. I do not know if the following Web page will help you.


          1. Make soup with it. Julienne some ginger and simmer it for a long time with the fish head (after you wash/scrub it). Afterwards, pull the meat outta the fish and add some soft tofu. At this point you can add other things like spinach or shrimp. But I prefer only the tofu. Salt/white pepper to season before serving. The ginger cuts away some of the oiliness/fishiness.