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Jul 16, 2002 03:30 AM

best way to get skin off of raw peanuts?

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Is there a faster way to do this than rubbing the individual nuts betw my fingers (one pound's worth!)? I'd also like to do it without separating the peanut halves.

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  1. Try rubbing a whole handful between your palms, or put a small pile in a damp cloth and agitate it...

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    1. re: GG Mora

      With some nuts (almonds, hazelnuts) people parboil briefly or roast them before removing the skins. Parboiling will allow you to "slip" the almonds out of their casings; roasting allows most of the hazelnut skin to be quickly rubbed off in a towel. I have no specific knowledge about peanuts, but you could experiment on a handful; it only costs peanuts.

      1. re: GG Mora

        Can you be more specific about agitating? I can think of many soooo many ways :-)