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Apr 24, 2004 07:25 PM

Little Lucca, So. S.F.

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I had my first Little Lucca sandwich today - very, VERY impressive. I had the Italian roast beef on a seed roll with the hot pepper and garlic sauces for $5.35. Not only are the sandwiches enormous, but this one tasted great. I will return again very soon. A very Chowhound kind of place!

Little Lucca, El Camino Real (east side), South San Francisco (about 200 yards south of Arby's)

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  1. Very yummy, great prices, and LARGE sandwiches. There's one in Burlingame... nothing like the South San Francisco one. This location changed hands about a couple of years ago, used to be more run down with old gadgets on the walls, so we worried the food would suffer, but it's still really good (I can't tell the difference). The garlic sauce is so good. I usually get the chicken salad on dutch crunch with extra garlic sauce, lettuce and tomato. I used to eat the WHOLE thing, but I'm much more sensible about my food intake now! Think I'll go there for lunch tomorrow!

    1. I love that place! Here's my short review:

      Little Lucca’s is a small hole in the wall sandwhich shop with one rusty picnic table sitting outside. My cousin discovered this place and introduced me to it.

      I have to admit that I’m not a huge sandwhich fan, because I feel that my own sandwhiches I make at home taste much better/are cheaper but when I ordered a 3 meat sandwhich at Little Lucca’s, I was blown away. Not to mention that you get a sandwhich as big as your head for $5. You could definetly feed a big healthy man and his kid with one of these things.

      The secret to their sandwhiches is their “secret” hot pepper sauce and garlic sauce which they spread generously over the bread with all their sandwhiches. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed anyone request that those things not be put in--I always ask for extra. =P The hot pepper sauce is what puts their sandwhiches over the edge--it gives them a great kick and makes the sandwhich (no matter what meats and cheeses you put in there) taste so much better.

      Anyways, if you’re heading to the Golden Gate area, then stop by Little Lucca’s on your way and pick up a sandwhich. Have a picnic in the park! You won’t regret it. God. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Times like this I wish I were living back in the Bay Area.

      Little Lucca Sandwhich Shop & Deli
      724 El Camino Real
      South San Francisco, CA 94080

      1. just an update on Little Lucca's ..... rainy day but there was still a line pretty much coming out the door of this unassuming little shack. got the Little Lucca Combo - $7.50 : provolone, mortadella and salami ..... the hot pepper sauce and the garlic sauce really add a nice kick to the sandwich and I noticed that even the tomato slices looked good - unusual for this time of year. The hefty sandwich could feed two folks pretty well ..... each is 6 inches long and pretty hefty even though I had them take the middle out of bottom part of the roll. Nice to know that they are still making a fine sandwich.

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          Beautiful! That's a well-built sandwich, and I love seeing the sauces seeped into the bread.

          1. re: gordon wing

            I meant to say that each half of the sandwich is 6 inches long - a real foot long sandwich! and it weighed about 24 oz!