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Jul 10, 2002 06:52 PM

How do you keep cilantro fresh?

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We bought a bunch of cilantro at the farmer's market this morning, put it in a glass of water, and left to run errands. When we got home, it had flopped. Any tips you can offer on how to keep it would help. We can't grow it because of too many squirrels around.

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  1. Remember to snip the ends of the stems before you put the bunch in water.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I clip the stems, put it in a glass of water in the fridge, and put a plastic bag loosely over the whole bouquet and glass...lasts 2 weeks.

      1. re: galleygirl

        I am no model of keeping cilantro - but it helps to keep it dry - if the leaves are wet they start to rot - remove all disintegrating leaves promptly - and if you bought it on its roots, keep it on the roots, dont remove them.

    2. While I store most herbs the way you do - in a glass of water, I don't do that with cilantro. Mostly because my grandmother always did it differently.

      I rinse it when I get it home, and dry it (through a salad spinner, or on paper towels). Lay out dry paper towels, wrap the cilantro, and put it into a ziploc & in the fridge.

      IME, it stays fresh this way.

      1. And put the cilantro in the jar of water in the refrigerator. Also works for us with parsley. Good luck! P.S. Squirrels don't eat either our basil, sage or parsley - maybe you could give one of them a try for some fresh herbs.

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        1. re: Donna - MI

          It isn't that they eat it -- they dig holes in the soil to bury the peanuts our neighbors give them.

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          David Hammmond

          So, your cilantro flopped? Is that really a problem? I mean, the flavor is still there, right. And you probably are going to cook it in something, in which case it will totally sag. Even in a salad, it mixes in and still retains flavor. Why is it important to put it in water? I don't put parsley in water -- but maybe I should. I guess I'd like to know if I should. Guidance, anyone...

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          1. re: David Hammmond

            I handle it the same way I do cilantro...Even if it flops, if you clip the ends, and put it in water, it perks up again. Put on the plastic bag, and it stays that way...Nicer texture and flavor if you like to use it uncooked.

            1. re: David Hammmond

              hey dave,

              once cilantro flops it starts to rot very quickly - so you do need to do everything you can to keep it in the "unflopped" stage.

              and generally in most cuisines that use a lot of it, folks don't cook the cilantro - it's usually put on top of the dish or mixed in at the very end uncooked.

            2. to keep parsley fresh I lay it out till it completely dries and then I wrap it in paper towels (not plastic), and put it in the vegetable draw and it stays fresh for quite awhile. Parsley and cilantro are similar in appearance, so I am thinking it will work just the same.

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              1. re: Sourpatch

                Actually, parsley seems to be FAR less delicate than cilantro. I have some that's been there three weeks and hasn't flopped yet. Just in a glass of water in the frig. I change the water when I think of it....