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Jun 14, 2002 11:57 PM

Help!!!!! Someone Please Tell me How long a homemade poundcake will stay fresh

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I shipped a homemade cake via UPS to Chicago and the cake was delivered to the wrong address and by the time the situation is corrected(Monday hopefully) it will have been six days since I baked it. Will it still be okay to eat on Monday by the time it gets to the right person? How long can you leave a cake out and have it still be edible and taste good. The cake was double wrapped in plastic then foil and placed in a plastic cake dome. It was then completely covered with bubble wrap and foam and placed in a box. I am hoping that the cake will still be okay. What do you think?

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  1. I bake banana nut bread and other quick breads regularly and they do go stale. I usually cover loosely with foil to avoid moisture from forming, so if you wrapped in plastic, maybe it'll last fresher longer. But then again, maybe the excess moisture will aid the growth of mold. I also think it would depend on the handling of it by the post office (or whoever you used). The varying temperatures, humidity, etc. in transit may affect the quality and edibility. I've not had any problems eating week-old banana bread (except that it's slightly dry) but after being covered in plastic wrap for that long, condensation from temperature changes and what not, could increase the growth of mold.

    That said, I would just inspect it very closely before eating it. If the outside looks kinda matted down and shiny, it's a good sign that mold is getting ready to grow, even if there's no mold visible. This morning, I ate a piece of bread that was starting to get a little shiny looking and had bad results. If it's still dry on the outside, it should be ok. Probably not as good as fresh, but edible.