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Jun 14, 2002 06:07 PM

I LOVE Emmi pink grapefruit yogurt - do you?

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I have been witholding this comment in selfish fear of losing my supply. As it is, it always sells out faster than the other flavors. My husband and I buy twenty or thirty at a time when we find it in stock. The Luna bar convo inspired me to see if there are others who crave this like I do. I dont think I have ever had such a product obsession. I even wrote the company an "I love you" email in hopes (and with the request that) they would start sending larger shipments to stores.

Why do I love Emmi Pink grapefruit Yogurt?
It is so creamy and only ( I think without having one in front of me)2.4 grams of fat.
It is so refreshing with real pink grapefruit pulp.
It is an amazing marriage of sharp grapefruit and soft yogurt but SO much better than lemon yogurt.
It is european yogurt so when I say creamy, I mean really creamy.
Its pretty - a soft barely there pink.


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  1. So, now that you've professed and confessed, where do we get this yogurt?????

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    1. re: Faren

      Wow, my exact fears coming true:-)
      I live in the west village (Manhattan, NYC) and have found it at Balduccis and Gourmet Garage. It comes in approximately bi-monthly spurts. Please limit your purchases:)

      1. re: rebeccahodgson

        Thanks - I too love European yogurt and I promise to limit my purchases.

    2. Sounds yummy. I love grapefruit. Does anyone know if it's available on the West Coast? Specifically, Los Angeles?

      1. This info got lost in the Crash of June '02:

        You can get Emmi pink grapefruit yogurt at Garden of Eden ($1.49/5.3 oz.) and East Village Cheese (Third Avenue @ 9th/10th Sts., $1.29). There are plenty of little tubs available at all times, Rebecca, so don't worry about a shortage.

        While you're at E.V. Cheese, pick up a wedge of etorki and some Boursin ($1.50 each) and a baguette from Balthazar ($2) and head up to Union Square for a picnic lunch.

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        1. re: Tom Steele

          God bless you Tom Steele.

        2. Since you were so nice to reveal your secret I thought you might like to know that when I was in the Gourmet Garage I tried another yogurt, La Mere Poulard made in Mont St. Michel - I tried the citron (lemon) and it was quite good. Slightly tart, light and not sweet without being bitter. Let us know what you think!

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          1. re: Faren

            Dear Faren, thank you so much for that tip. I failed to report to you that I really just ADORED the Mont St Michel lemon yogurt. I ate it like it was going out of style all summer - the consistency was amazing - aerated and poufy are two adjectives that come to mind - gosh it was so delicious and really perfect for summer - refreshing and light without being "diet" or tasteless. I decided that Emmi pink grapefruit would be my late fall/winter/early spring yogurt and Mont St Michel would be my late spring/summer/early fall yogurt

            AND THEN...the bad news

            EMMI stopped shipping the pink grapefruit - no longer sold in the US. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that I may have caused this problem - I sent them an email - properly worshipful and asking them to increase supplies in the US, particularly the NYC Metro area. Did I alert them to some unknown customs violation? Maybe we were never supposed to be getting it to begin with? Punishment from Europe for genetically modified crops?

            At the same time, the West Village Gourmet Garage stopped selling Mont St Michel. I couldnt believe it!

            I have been in talks with the GG dairy dept manager to reevaluate this decision. he has agreed to attempt to reverse this decision. do you know of anywhere else that sells it - I know Balducci's does not.

            Has anyone else seen it? I am unmoored.

          2. i read this thread yesterday and went out and bought some! and now i'm eating it! i like it b/c it's creamier than american yogurt but not as sweet. the muesli flavor is interesting too. i got it in washington, dc at brookland market in cleveland park, fyi. $1.09. yeah washington dc!!!

            you know what else is good, total yogurt. extremely creamy, and it's greek, and it comes in a little divided cup, with greek honey. and that is just so. damn. good.