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Jun 13, 2002 01:36 PM

wine refrigerators

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I'm thinking of purchasing a small (maybe 30-40 bottle) wine refrigerator as an anniversary gift for my husband. It will not be built in to our kitchen, rather stashed underneath a stairwell and generally hidden from view.

Aside from the usual Viking and Sub-Zeros, can anyone recommend one that they like or have heard good things about? I don't even know where to start looking for information! I tried Consumer Reports on line, but I can't find that they've reviewed them at all. I've seen the brand names Danby, Avanti, Summit, and Heier all mentioned.

Thoughts anyone? Any info is GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. It just so happens that there is a company in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, that makes beautiful units. They are bigger than you were looking for, but your US dollar goes so much further up here, dontcha know?


    1. I would strongly recommend Vinotemp. They make a full line of great wine lockers, coolers and storage units. I own two of them, a small 60-75 bottle unit designed to be "in counter", and a larger 1000 bottle unit that is the size of a super huge Sub Zero fridge. Their quality is great, and I have had both units for years, and haven't had any problems. They are fairly consultative in their approach, so make sure to tell them what/where/how you plan on using the unit so that you are sure to get the proper item. Also, I recall that when I did the pricing comparisons, Vinotemp stacked up very well... I don't think they were the least expensive, but they were clearly a very good value. Enjoy!

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        Oops... sorry, I forgot, here is their website...


      2. What a great gift. I would recommend to keep it simple, especially since it will be hidden. I have a Marvel which I never heard of and it works fine. Rather than Sub Zero (of which I have their refrig) I would go with a more economic model because that is all that is needed. I would check out or yor local appliance super store like PC Richard. With the $$ you save on the wine cooler I would package it with a nice '97 Brunello which would be a great start to the new cellar.

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          1. My only comment on wine ( and small refrigerators in general) is that the ones I've looked at are horribly inefficient and often take more energy to run than a full sized frig. Since I pay upwards of $0.25 a KwH (generated by 48% coal and 48% nuclear) I pay attention to those things