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Jun 11, 2002 06:17 PM

What makes a great donut / donut shop?

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A business School friend of mine were discussing -only half seriously - the possiblity of starting a donut shop. We both consider ourselves to be chowhounds and we're not crazy with the selection and quality in our area, which consists of Dunkin' Donuts or Supermarket Krispy Kremes. There are no other good donut shops in our area (Mount Laurel, NJ).

My question is what makes a really great donut (or donut shop)? What flavors (any unique flavors), textures shops do you like? I seem to love the huge rectangular jelly donuts that I used to get in Brooklyn.

If anything maybe this will turn out to be a hald decent thread.



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  1. Fluffy and airy with a thin glaze--so beautiful, it's ready for a close-up.

    1. The perfect donut shop would have great coffee. By far the best donut I've ever eaten, (LaMars in Kansas City -plain glazed, still warm, light as air,) was eaten with ungreat coffee. It seems to be the standard. But in a perfect world...........

      1. My boyfriend considers himself to be a donut connoisseur of sorts - whenever we pass a new shop, he demands we stop and order a sack. His requirements for a good donut shop are:
        1. fresh, obviously
        2. not too sweet (he dislikes Krispy Kremes because of the glaze)
        3. cheap
        4. BIG
        5. good selection, & preferably a few donuts he's never seen anywhere else

        He's been up and down the West Coast and through the Midwest and insists that the best donut shops are those that sell both donuts and cheap Chinese food.

        Personally, I'd like to see more donuts made with quality ingredients.

        1. Flavors that aren't too too sweet. I love the doughnut plant in NYC because the doughnuts have just the perfect amount of sweetness. Same goes for my beloved Lamar's Sour Cream Doughnut here in KC...

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            Doesn't the donut plant sell to other stores? I think they were features on the food network. Big donuts made with all natural ingredients. Do you know what they charge for donuts?

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              Alexandra Halsey

              Get the donut plant story here:

              Sorry, it doesn't include prices, but I think I paid around $2 for a donut plant doughnut at Bazzini's on Greenwich Street. All things considered (fresh ingredients, small batches) I thought it was a lot to pay for a doughnut, but it's big enough for two (if you're willing to share, that is!).


          2. Of course excellent D&C. I feel myself being drawn to this one place. It is immaculate, has peace and serenity, you feel almost as if you are in their home.