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Jun 9, 2002 08:33 PM

why does my chicken smell like sulphur?

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So, I opened up my whole chicken this evening, which alas I picked up in a rush the other day without adequately inspecting it, and was greeted by a big whiff of sulphur. yuck! where does that smell come from? And did I make the right decision--tossing it in the trash--or could this bird still taste okay and not make me and mine sick?

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  1. Correct decision. The same thing happened to me with a turkey last Thanksgiving. I called the place I bought it, and the woman confirmed the sulfur (rotten egg) smell is a sure sign of poultry gone bad.

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      The last time I made a duck the smell emminating from it was almost unbearable though I recalled at the time that this very gamey smell was normal. Anyhow, I went ahead and prepared it and it was wonderful. I'd like to know though, does raw whole duck always smell so bad? If that's the case and one can't trust ones nose with respect to duck, what other things can we look out for? (fwiw, when I buy game I always go to places such as Ottomanelli or Balduchi's where I feel more secure about freshness).

    2. Good decision, a 'hound's nose is his best tool for sniffing out deliciousness, and his first defense against bad stuff.