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Bubbie's Pickles

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I got a jar of these at my supermarket. Supposedly they are famous and award winning. They smell wonderful, but I was disappointed in the texture. They weren't crisp at all. Kind of flabby? Has anyone had these? Did I get a bad batch? Thanks!

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  1. j

    You got a bad batch. Check the expiration date--they don't have a long shelf life. Their pickle relish and pickled tomatoes are wonderful, too.

    1. Do you know what kind of pickles these are? Do they have vinegar in them, or are they fermented? Are they in the refrigerator section? If you're in the NYC area, you have lots of alternatives--Schorr's and Ba-Tampte. (Maybe someone knows if Guss' Pickles is still in existence? It has a web site but no one ever seems to answer the phone.)

      I have a recipe somewhere for fermented pickles, if anyone's interested. Very easy: dump some kirby pickles into brine, add pickling spices (mustard seed, pepopercorns, crushed garlic, bay leaf, coriander seed), let ferment for about 10 days.

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        I love these pickles too and they used to be sold in Grocery stores in Calif. Now I think they are more in whole food stores. I'd love to find a recipe to surprise my son (they are a favorite of his).

        Does your recipe have the murky brine, and spicy taste of Bubbies?


        Kim Mayes

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          Bubbies Pickles are still sold in loads of stores all over California, including Safeway, Albertson's, Von's, Ralph's and all sorts of smaller supermarkets and grocery stores. Outside of California, they are sold at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Fresh Fields and other "natural food" stores.

          Here's a link for more info:

          Link: http://www.bubbies.com/index.shtml

          Image: http://www.bubbies.com/images/prod_pu...

      2. I just bought a jar of these tonight at Central Market in Houston. I haven't yet found the perfect bread and butter pickle so I shuddered as I paid $6.99 for a (large) jar of Bubbie's. Much to my delight they are fresh and crispy, and taste wonderful. I've found my new favorite sandwich pickle... just wish they weren't so expensive. Oh well, the best things in life AREN'T always free.

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          I just bought a jar of Bubbie's bread-and-butters at Earth Fare. Great, great pickles, the best I've had since my grandparents passed away. They grew their own picles and "put them up" every summer/fall. Bubbie's certainly measure up.

        2. I had the same reaction--the label looked so promising and authentic, but the pickles were soft and disappointingly lacking in flavor. I went back to my old, reliable Claussens!

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          1. re: MsMaryMc

            Exact same experience, and I even tried twice, later to return to the fail-safe Claussen.

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              This is what I sent to bubbies: I have been buying Bubbies Pure Kosher Dills for a long time. I thought they were kind of expensive, but they were so good I kept buying them. About 2 years ago, Something changed. They are never crispy like they were, did not have as much garlic flavor, and the jar did not make a popping sound when opened. Every jar in the last 2 years has been like that. What happened. I.ve tried to get jars with the newest date. It's hard to tell what the EXP date is. My last jar is EXP 05-19-10 13.56. Does that mean it can be used until then. That seams like a long time. Maybe that is the problem. When was that jar made. Thanks, Jim

            2. I tried Bubbies once, didn't really care for them. Since I was born and raised in NYC, I grew up and prefer Ba Tampte. I buy the half sours, then let them sit in the fridge for a few weeks. They're hard to find where I live (Bay Area).

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                I had tried them a number of times but like "rednails" not too impressed.....the ones we get in CA are co-packed either in Mexico or Canada....my prefered pickle supplier at the moment is Alexander Valley (http://www.alvalgourmet.com).......not cheap but worth it....

                1. re: Pollo

                  ME TOO!
                  Alexander Valley are fresh, not bottled and taste like they came right out of a Lower East Side Pickle barrel! (so says this Brooklyn native)
                  They are the closest to the real thing that I have had in San Francisco....
                  I have found them at Whole Foods...does anyone know of any other source?

                2. re: rednails

                  Ba-Tempte Garlic Dills are the way to go! Anyone else try Bubbie's and Ba-Tempte head to head? How do they compare?

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                    I've had half'-sour explained to me before, apparantly I'm a bit slow...is it mostly an east coast term? I don't hear it out here.

                    1. re: enbell

                      It is used in New York and it is used in Toronto. The term is quite literal. Half sour usually refers to a pickle that is fermented in a natural brine (no vinegar), but for a shorter period of time than a full sour. It is, therefore, a brighter shade of green than a full sour pickle and is, logically, less sour.

                      1. re: embee

                        Thank you :) I guess, because normal "referigeraotr dills" to me aren't sour I was confusing myself. I'll start looking on the list of ingredients and let the inclusion/exclusion of vinegar be my guide. I think you've tried to explain theis to me before, thanks for you're patience and givving me a round 2!

                        1. re: enbell

                          To me, Half Sours are a misnomer. They always taste like Eighth Sours. Or maybe even Sixteenth Sours. Look out for the Batempte Garlic Dills. Taste is similar to a Gus's Full Sour.

                          1. re: Steve

                            You're a *funny guy* Steve, and I'm no good at math - so I'll just have to trust you. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those brands :)

                          2. re: enbell

                            The label will tell you if it's half-sour or dill, or otherwise.

                            1. re: rednails

                              OH! So I really on;y hsb ha dill afterall, thanx.

                    2. I love love love Bubbie’s, but for some reason you do get a “flabby” jar sometimes. Sometimes more then sometimes. But for me the great jars are more then worth the risk of the not so good ones. And even with those the taste is still good.

                      But the bread and butter pickles are great each and every time. The best bread and butter pickles I’ve ever had ever. Ever.


                      Uncle Ira.

                      1. My grandmother made her own pickles in a barrel and I've made pickles, too (it's not hard). I haven't tried Bubbie's BUT the sliced sandwich pickles at TJ's are very very good and also crisp. Not to mention pretty cheap.

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                        1. re: lintygmom

                          Love Bubbie's. They have always been fresh & crispy. Available here in Portland.

                        2. With a name like Bubbies you'd think they'd be old fashioned fresh and crispy right out of granny's pickle barrel. Ugh! What a disappointment. Squishy pickle doesn't measure up to their claim as best in America -- not by far. Bubbies is more like "Bupkas." They misappropriate the good name of all lovable grannies. Shame.

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                          1. re: dahbull

                            I've always liked the flavor of Bubbies but not their texture. Always soft. Their Half-Sours, as noted above, are better. (Hm. Unless I am confusing them with the Ba-Tamptes, which is possible. Will have to check the market tomorrow.) If you can't make your own (and there's a great thread on the Home Cooking Board about exactly how to do so) they're a pretty good alternative.

                            1. re: dahbull

                              Full-sour pickles are just not crisp....... period. They shouldn't be overly soft, but I find that they don't have any crunch. Half-sours do. But all this can vary by brand and technique. Pickles are IMHO like bagels and pizza. You form your preferences based on what style you grew up on or learned to like.

                              1. re: Midlife

                                Once a year, when I make my own, there's a brief period when my half-sours cross into full-sour territory -- right now, in fact -- and they are not only crispy but actually crunchy, with great snap and texture and puckeringly sour and full dark green throughout. But a month from now that will be gone and I'm happy to settle for firm.

                                But this is generally true and a good point -- you are unlikely to find an authentic full-sour that is really crunchy that isn't processed with either vinegar or some form of chemical preservative.

                            2. I had the exact same experience with them - marvelous taste, but texturally, gooshy and yick. I ended up tossing the chips and bringing the brine to a boil and tossing in sliced cucumber, then cooling and chilling. Two days later, I had pretty much exactly what I wanted in the first place.

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                              1. re: mamachef

                                This is actually a great idea if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own brine, and works great as long as you boil the brine well. Their chemistry and seasonings are spot on, both Bubbie's and Ba-Tampte.

                                1. re: acgold7

                                  I brought it to a boil and let it do its' thing for about 5 minutes. I had minor concern that the boiling would compromise the flavor, but it worked out well. Halfway through the cukes, I tossed in some leftover sliced beets and that worked out too.
                                  I wish I could get Ba-Tampte here, but no go. If wishes were horses.....right?

                              2. I love both Bubbie's and Ba-Tampte.

                                1. tried the Bubbie's kosher dills today - picked up from Natural Grocers. loved them. they were apparently one of the good jars - crunchy. really liked the flavor profile and also their size.