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storing peanut butter

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my family always kept it in the cabinet but i've seen some people keep it in the fridge. what's best?

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    I actually called the 800 number once from a commercial jar of p.b. and the information specialist said that it is fine to leave it out of the refrigerator.

    For me, the cold p.b. gets to hard to spread well. It's fine either way, but I find the taste and texture better at room temp.

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    1. re: cypressstylepie

      I think it also depends on how long you keep it altogether. Even skippy from the cabinet after a long while tastes a little stale to me. So now I opt for the fridge usually.

    2. When we used to buy commercial peanut butter (Skippy, Jif) we'd keep it in the cabinet. But since we switched to natural peanut butter (Teddy or fresh ground in the store), we keep it in the fridge, as per the instructions on the jar.

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      1. re: Chris VR

        FWIW, I never noticed the instructions on the jar, have always kept my natural PB in the cabinet, and have never suffered from it.

        1. re: C. Fox

          I personally would rather stir in the oil than try to scrape hard, cold peanut butter out of a refrigerated jar. I've never had any taste rancid, and I keep it up to 6 months.

          It tastes better at room temperature, too.

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        Schatz MacArthur

        Though its not a 'must', I store all-natural peanut butters in the fridge so they won't separate. I hate the sloppy process of re-mixing the oil that rises to the top and the peanut-mass every time I use it. Regular ol' Skippy goes in the cabinet at my house.

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          Janet A. Zimmerman

          The two deciding factors, I think, are whether it's one of the "natural" types or "commercial" (with stabilizers etc.) and how long it takes you to go through a jar.

          Nut oils do turn rancid much faster than grain or olive oils, which is why it's often recommended to keep nut oils in the fridge. The commercial brands of peanut butter generally contain preservatives or at least stabilizers that slow this process dramatically. I've kept jars of Jif in the cupboard for months without any noticeable effects (yes, it starts to taste a little stale after a month or so, but it's not rancid).

          But, for peaunt butter without any of those additives, I'd say that if it takes you more than a couple of weeks to go through it, keep it refrigerated to be on the safe side.

          Now, as a disclaimer, I should add that I mostly cook with peanut butter; I don't eat it in sandwiches or anything. Maybe twice a year I eat a slice of toast with peanut butter, so maybe my standards are lower than those of people who eat it plain

          1. I've had two jars of peanutbutter go rancid in the last couple of months. It is the cheap brand and that could have something to do with it.I have several jars in my storage and I hate to throw it out.

            1. You will only get sick ONCE from eating peanut butter that's over the hill -- after that you could smell a rancid peanut from a mile away, and you wouldn't dream of keeping your peanut butter anywhere other than the fridge.

              It's no fun -- it's a particularly swift-striking, throwing up things you ate three weeks before, kind of sick.

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              1. re: sunshine842

                part of it depends on how the "natural" folks process the peanuts. BTW..I have seen very little difference in the readings on the back label of most of them from plain old Skippy. If they blanch the nuts to get rid of the skins, the chances of going rancid are greatly reduced

                1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                  From label of Skippys

                  Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Cottonseed, Soybean And Rapeseed) To Prevent Separation, Salt.

                  From label of Smucker's All Natural

                  Peanuts. Contains 1% Or Less Of Salt

                  The added oils in Skippy can go rancid. Also don't need the added sugar.

                  Obviously peanuts can go rancid too, but I don't see the need for additional fat.

                  1. re: Bkeats

                    i was thinking more of the nutritional values. The sodium count of Smuckers (alas, my grocery doens't carry it) sounds a lot less