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Jun 4, 2002 04:44 PM

Mcdonald's regional menus - McLobster Roll etc

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To people who detest fast food, never mind. To people who make that FF pit stop....

OK, if this has been discussed before, just point me to the link. I'm having a goggle burn out.

Anyway while looking up my favorite lobster roll restaurant, I discovered that McDonalds serves Lobster Roll in Maine in the summer - %5.95 - lobster, mayo, roll. It got some favorable reviews from some people. Speculation about where the lobster originated was anywhere from ... fresh Maine Lobster to Panama City where a plane flys in twice a week to pick up the lobster.... the plane, the plane...

First. has anyone tried it? Is it any good?

Also, from driving around the country, it seems that McDonald's has regional menus. What is unique to your area and is it any good? The international sites have there own specialites. While I've only had a McDonald's meal once overseas (out of sheer desperation), I like to stop by and see the different menus in different countries. I only tell this shameful little quirk to my good freinds...

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  1. I've had a parfait at McD's twice now. It's almond yogurt layered with fruit and granola. It's pretty damn good, and actually seems healthy. I have seen it offered in Dawsonville, GA and the Pittsburgh airport (don't I just get around?). Why can't they all have it...what's the deal?

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    1. re: Danna
      Sweet Willie

      In the IL food safety class I took, one of the "marketers" for this product was in the class. I asked about the sugar content in the yogurt. He said it was pretty high.

      But you're right, for McD's it is fairly healthy.

      1. re: Sweet Willie

        Yep - where you save in fat you definitely make up for in sugar. Those little fruity treats pack a whopping 400 calories a pop.

      2. re: Danna

        In the Detroit area they do now, but I haven't had it yet -- a nod to the noncarnivores or cholesterol impaired perhaps--in any case, a good addition.

        1. re: Danna

          McDonald's has had the parfait in California (North and South) for close to three years now.

        2. I believe we have been down this road before. Anyway, last summer I saw lobster rolls at our McDonald's in Central Maine. My sister says they're not bad. I think I heard the lobster is frozen, and it's from Maine.

          1. The McD's in Hawaii serve sai min and rice. In Paris, I saw them advertise a "Croque McDo" - a fast food version of a croque monsieur. Even in the picture you could see the grease oozing from the sandwich!!

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            1. re: LBQT

              The Hawaii McDonald's also offer their version of plate lunch: Spam along with the "2 scoop" of macaroni salad and/or potato salad.

              1. re: jenniferfishwilson
                Stephanie L.

                Just out of curiousity, what exactly constitutes a "plate lunch"?

                1. re: Stephanie L.

                  Where I come from (the South) a plate lunch is meat and threes, i.e. - a meat and three (or two) veggies and usually a bread. Decent, but not big, portions characterize a plate lunch. Keep in mind that "veggies" in the South include macaroni and cheese and rice and gravy!

                  1. re: Stephanie L.
                    Caitlin McGrath

                    A Hawaiian plate lunch is any of a bunch of kinds of meat preparations, served over rice and accompanied by two scoops of potato or macaroni salad. Served in coffeeshop-type places, from lunch trucks, etc.

                    1. re: Stephanie L.
                      Mr. Jenniferfishwilson

                      My experience in Hawaii (over 35 trips) is that the plate lunch consists of a limited number of selected items which include; rice doled out by the ice cream scoop, Kim Chi, macaroni salad, fried chicken, pork ribs cooked in a teriyaki sauce. These are offered at lunch wagons or very modest cafes. One of the best is Chicken Annie's in Honolulu. It is just behind the Ala Moana shopping center. Another tip for anyone headed to the islands is to be careful when ordering shaved ice. Shaved ice is NOT a Sno Cone. The ice should be frozen in a wheel that is rotated against a sharp blade. Crushing the ice does not produce the desired consistancy. Aloha.

                      1. re: Mr. Jenniferfishwilson

                        In my opinion, shaved ice is FAR superior to a snocone. No big chunks to chomp on, and the flavoring doesn't all go to the bottom. Love it.

                        1. re: spellweaver16

                          I also believe it's referred to as "shave" ice, without the "d."

                2. When I lived in New Mexico back in '96, I found out you could order any burger with green chiles. Made for some interesting names: green chile big mac, etc.

                  I saw the lobster rolls advertised when I lived on Cape Cod a couple summers ago, but never tried one.

                  1. I once ran into McLatte in the Seattle area.