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May 29, 2002 04:57 PM

Pommac: The Soft Drink from the Continent

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Years ago, Dr. Pepper marketed this pale colored, grape (?) juice flavored beverage. It obviously didn't sell well enough. Just wondering if it still exists somewhere. Funny, no one ever asked which continent.

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  1. j
    Janet A. Zimmerman

    This is too strange -- a friend of mine who grew up in Texas was just asking me if I'd ever had this stuff (he said it was spelled Pomack, but the description is spot on, so it has to be the same stuff). He swore that Dallas was a test market for the then new soft drink, but I always just thought he'd taken too many drugs in his youth. now guess I stand corrected. He remembers liking the stuff and has always kept an eye out for it, so I'm fairly certain that he'd have found it if if were still available.

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    1. re: Janet A. Zimmerman

      Your friend has cred. I was in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in the mid 60s when it was being marketed there. A cool child would be sipping a Pommac and eating Chipos, "the new corn chip that's round" (which I believe Frito-Lay drove out of biz). Don't know about other times and places, but it appears to be in Sweden.

      1. re: mc michael

        I was in Houston in the mid 60s and Dallas at the end of the decade. I didn't know I missed Pommac until youse guys had to remind me.

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          Where are yuz now? Philly or Baltimore?

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            I have a bottle of Pommac. My father was a truck driver in the sixties and when he delivered to the Dr. Pepper plant in Dallas, he would pick up a case or two of the Pommac syrup. We would buy sparkling water and mix up our own. It was wonderful!

      2. It's a Swedish soft drink. Dr. Pepper had the US rights and marketed it in the early-mid Sixties. Apparently it is still made in parts of Europe, and in fact, some of the rights were just sold. Also note, I am apparently bored at work right now, otherwise I wouldn't be looking this stuff up.

        Interestingly, this is from a "History of Sweden" site :

        At the International Fancy Food Show in New York, Pommac (Swedish non-alcoholic sparkling soft drink) is declared the best beverage in the show.

        1. We were in Sweden in the mid sixties with our kids, and it was their drink of choice. Couldn't find it in the US when we returned.

          Pat G.

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          1. re: Pat Goldberg

            Good Lord! I meant the mid seventies!

          2. I loved the stuff, but absolutely NO ONE I know remembers it but me! I was a waitress in high school in the summer of 1968. The Dr. Pepper distributor delivered it to the cafe where I worked. I ordered it by the case just for me. Now I look for the empty bottles at every antique store and flea market I can find.

            1. The original comment has been removed