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May 29, 2002 02:47 PM

rice krispies treats

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Some time ago a friend mentioned that she had known someone who made rice krispies treats with caramel instead of marshmallows. I had never heard of these, but I will be seeing her soon and she has requested that I make them. I saw a recipe in a cookbook, but negelected to either copy the recipe or even the name of the book. Does anyone have a recipe or a source for a recipe for rice krispies treats using caramel instead of marshmallows to hold them together?

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  1. Try the link below ...MAYBE THIS RECIPE RINGS A BELL.


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      I know this probably doesn't help, but at Mosaico in Manhattan (33rd and Madison), they make rice krispie treats with dulce de leche. Not sure if they also use marshmallow. The key is probably to use really soft caramel-- otherwise it'll be a dental disaster waiting to happen!

      1. that milky way krispy treat recipe looked pretty nummy, but i was just thinking of all the possibilities for rice krispie treats...

        ice cream sundae sauce (caramel! maybe it would work, maybe it would be too sticky)
        peanut butter (no melting! just mix the pb and the cereal)
        marshamellow cream (also eliminates melting)
        melted chocolate chips or butterscoch chips or raspberry or whatever other kind you can get now

        it's always fun to use cereal other than rice krispies for color.. fruity pebbles, froot loops, cocoa pebbles (ooh, those would be good with the peanut butter)

        anyway, ahhh the joys of simple childhood treats! good luck with the caramel and ENJOY

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          Dylan Candy bar in NYC near Bloomingdale's has treats made with all the different colorful cereals like Fruity Pebbles, etc. I haven't tried them, though.

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            Here's a link, fitting that today is SuperBowl Sunday 2013...

            Cocoa Rice Krispies Football Treats---


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              I was looking for recipes for rice krispies for Super Bowl sunday as well and I came across Rice Krispiies S'mores..I couldn't resist: I have only gotten great comments from my guinea pigs who have tried them

          2. The following Kellog's link contains 60 Rice Krispies Treats recipes. Have fun!!


            1. I used to make rice krispie treats with butterscotsch morsels and peanut butter. No marshmallows at all. People really liked them, and they were really easy to make

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                When I was a kid, one of my friends' Moms used to make these "Birds Nests" things that were melted butterscotch chips, coating canned crispy chowmein noodles and dry-roasted peanuts...Can we say decadent?

                1. re: galleygirl

                  Oh God! how I loved those things! Now, that's a blast from the past :-)

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                    We used to call those things "Haystacks". Chocolate morsels worked well too, as I recall!