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just pulled my wisdom teeth- what to eat?

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so i had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted on friday. this weekend my diet consisted of plain jook, kfc extra processed mashed potatoes, pudding, vanilla ice cream, and myoplex protein shakes. i grow weary of this diet and need to find some new, soft eats. any suggestions? preferrably something i can pick up from a restaurant, as my drug-induced state renders me in poor condition to cook.

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  1. Soft, but not necessarily bland, right?

    I'd head over to a favorite Indian place and get some spicy eggplant and a mango lassi.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Oh boy do I feel your pain. I had the same thing done last month, and it was weeks before I could really eat again. I still have that chewing/tension thing soemone mentioned previously. One thing I'll warn you about, try to avoid rice. The grains are the perfect size and shape to get lodged in the holes in your mouth, and there's no getting 'em out. So they ROT in there, and one morning you wake up with the smell of death coming out of your mouth. Nice huh?

      I just pureed everything, bean soups worked very well. And oatmeal mixed with cottage cheese and parmesan was pretty good.

      I teach in a culinary school, and had to go back to work a few days later. I'm supposed to taste everything my students make, but for once I had an excuse not to!

      GOOD LUCK!!!

      1. j
        Jennie Sheeks

        What about pureed or cream based soups? Or even cups of bouillion?

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          The Pie Queen

          You could make some homemade applesauce. Leave the skins on and cut apples into chunks, and boild slowly in a small amount of water til they turn to mush. Add cinnamon and sugar to taste, and when it's done, puree in a blender. (You have to puree it when you leave the skins on, which takes out the satisfying lumps, but allows for more flavor and vitamins and makes it a nice rich brown.)

          Also, into her early teens my sister really liked mushed up beef stew. Make a regular beef stew and chop it up in the cuisinart. If you can get past the fact that you're basically eating baby food, it tastes pretty good.

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          1. re: The Pie Queen

            Even easier: put the apple chunks in a bowl, add a little water, microwave for five minutes and put in the blender.

            The quick cooking results in apple sauce with a really fresh taste.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler
              The Pie Queen


              But I think my great grandma just rolled over in her grave. ;)

              1. re: The Pie Queen

                OK, bake the apples (if you can stand the heat this week!!!) Then you don't have to slice the apples.

          2. Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. I lived on Popsicles. All flavors, all varieties. Nice and cold, soothing, ank numbing on the tooth holes. My current fav. are Dryers sugar-free, but then I'm on a feeble excuse for a diet.

            Scrambled eggs with cheese melted into them were good for a protein fix.

            Rare hamburger patty, too.

            Of course, I wasn't too gourmet at age 19, I like the Chowhound suggestions better.

            1. I think I'd use my front choppers to try and injest some crab cakes. Or, maybe some soft corned beef hash (canned is softer) and poached eggs. If not, some won ton soup.

              1. Just put things in the blender and puree them. The flavor will still be there and a blender is certainly not dangerous. Just don't put anything like strawberries and other small seeded food. Bananas are OK and are good for potassium and you certainly don't want to run out of that. Salmon is soft enough you can puree it (maybe with some cream cheese). Add chicken broth for thinning some things, milk for others.

                What about oysters for protein with a little teryaki and wasabi (hey, why concentrate on the gum pain?)or ???

                Try something new like VitaSoy brand (specifically, very good) soy milk - original flavor, not vanilla. And, what about kefir or yogurt (that creme ...whatever brand is really good - the stuff that's advertised by a wife in a French maid outfit feeding her husband)

                I hope your not driving yourself if you are not in any condition to cook.

                The soups are a good idea. I don't know what restaurants are in your area. If you have a Trader Joe's in you area, they have some boxes of butternut squash soup that is very smooth (yes, boxes, like Pomi tomatoe sauce).

                Finally, drink Propel fitness water (by Gatorade) for vitamins and potassium (it comes in several flavors).

                Hope that helps.

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                1. re: kc girl

                  Having had more than my share of dental surgeries ugh! I can also recommend some pampering like a bubble bath. Here's the solution: Fresh juicy Green Apple Shampoo by Suave (about $1 a bottle) makes the most amazing bubble bath, you deserve to feel wondeful after that horrible experience.

                  1. re: Zoe

                    Unfortunately, I also have a cast on one leg...so I'll be foregoing this sweet treat (sigh). Thanks for the suggestion though (nearly 12 years ago now!!!)

                2. Macaroni and cheese, any kind of pasta with whatever - but don't use a spicy sauce until your gums are healed. Risotto Milanese. Foods you can easily chew with your front teeth or crush against the roof of your mouth with your tongue, rather than *really* chewing, like grilled cheese sandwiches and French toast. Of course, milk shakes, ice cream, jello, tapioca, rice pudding, hot cereal, soup and consomme - you already know. Boy, can this diet get boring.

                  Hope you're feeling and eating better very soon!

                  1. Although all four of my wisdom teeth were pulled over 20 years ago, I vividly remember waking up at home from the dazy druggie haze of post-surgery AND being presented with the cantaloupe milkshake my (then) boyfriend had ready and waiting for me. Chunks of soft ripe orange melon thrown in a blender with vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly. He was heavenly. Hadn't had a cantaloupe milkshake before that moment, have not had one since, just fond memories of it being JUST the ticket.

                    I might also suggest something along the lines of creamed spinach. If you are not inclined (or able) to go to the trouble of making a roux, grating cheese, steaming spinach etc, the easiest path would be to pop a Stouffer's spinach souffle into the microwave, nuke away, and call it good.

                    Good luck, and remember, mouths tend to heal much more quickly than most other body parts under normal circumstances. I was very much looking forward to cooking special foods and concoctions for my teenage daughter when her wisdom teeth were removed, but only managed to get one day's worth of special items before she was fully healed and ready to rock and roll again. Darn healthy chowpup.

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                    1. re: Olympia Jane

                      To go with the spinach thing and from an oyster suggestion below, you could do an oyster rockefeller soup, which is basically a cream-based soup with lotsa spinach and oysters thrown in the blender. VERY tasty.

                      Linked below is one version of the soup. Others include andouille, most add anise seed and or pernod or herbsaint. You get the idea, though.


                      Link: http://www.foodtv.com/foodtv/print/re...

                    2. I feel your pain! Having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time was does not appear in the highlight reel of my youth.

                      I've always been a fan of baby food apricots. No joke.

                      Scrambled eggs with cheese, oatmeal, yogurt...that's all I can think of.

                      Hope you feel better!

                      1. s
                        Stanley Stephan

                        Ok, I'm not proud of this, but when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I lived on Taco Bell frioles and cheese. Very unchowish, but warm, soft and comforting. Maybe you can get your beans at a better Mexican restaurant.

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                        1. re: Stanley Stephan

                          im getting my wisdom teeth out next month and 2 of the 4 arefully impacted - i am ready for some pain and discomfort. going along your frijoles and cheese idea - think cheese enchiladas would work after the first few days?

                        2. As others have noted, eggs & dairy are key foods at this time. If you like tofu, don't forget that, either.

                          And don't forget sausage products, too.

                          Be very careful about venturing into crisp-crunchy foods for a while, like chips, hard cookies, etc. You may find that you can eat them easily enough in time, but the tension built up from chewing them can result in a TMJ-area pain episode some time later. This can go on for a while after extractions (so says my surgeon), depending on their complexity/severity (it's happening to me right now, so I speak from immediate experience).

                          Funny, though, I find it much easier to eat crisp iceberg lettuce than other greens. I think that is because iceberg is so crisp it just breaks apart on contact, and doesn't really need prolonged chewing. It's prolonged chewing that accummulates tension in the jaw and can result in pain.

                            1. re: flavrmeistr

                              I near 'bout fell out of my chair laughing at that one...

                            2. David, Just a general caution about liquids. I hope you were cautioned against using a straw. It seems like the perfect time to sip through a straw when your jaw muscles and mouth are so sore, but the sucking required can dislodge the clots that form where the tooth used to be. Trust me, you don't want what they call a "dry socket".

                              You've probably passed the point of this being a danger, but just in case...

                              1. korean tofu soup
                                brains masala (brains in general)
                                refried beans
                                oaxacan tamales (avoid the pork chunks)
                                indian - bangan bhartha, dal

                                1. Ah, much sympathy. I had mine pulled last year, and, despite doing *everything* right, developed the dreaded "dry sockets" the 4th or 5th day after surgery. Trust me, you do *not* want this to happen. It hurts. A lot.

                                  After i got past the first day or two, i was completely sick of pudding and popsicles and anything too sugary. I did like cottage cheese w/a bit of coriander (i was desperate for something savory.) And i kept those kid-size mixed-fruit applesauce things on hand (the generic brand was less sweet and not ridiculously colored) for a quick snack.

                                  And then, a restaurant near me makes a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful risotto-of-the-day. They are a nice restaurant -- by no means a take-out place, but when i explained the situation, they were happy to box some up for me to pick up. And they did just that every night for about a week. I think they saved my sanity. :)

                                  1. Hey David, I feel for you. I just got all of my wisdom teeth pulled the Friday before you, and to top it off I had my braces tightened right before that, so no cheating and chewing with my front teeth either. Here's what I've thought of:

                                    -mashed potatoes with every flavoring I could think of (garlic, horseradish, wasabi, cheese, brown butter instead of regular butter, also flavored with juices and gravies of whatever my fiancee was eating - the first day I did a little taste test of different mashed potatoes for dinner)
                                    -mashed sweet potatoes (plain, with brown sugar and butter, lime)
                                    -Chinese restaurant chicken and corn soup (where they use creamed corn, threads of egg, and tiny pieces of minced up chicken)
                                    -refried beans
                                    -applesauce (in different flavors, with berries, apricots, etc.)
                                    -steamed egg custard (not sure what this is called, I get this at Japanese restaurants)
                                    -cream of anything soup (I like tomato)
                                    -tropical fruit drinks - check out the aisle at an asian grocery - guava, mango, passionfruit, etc
                                    -at dim sum: fried turnip or taro cakes (peel off the especially crusty parts), the rice from those rice packets steamed in leaves, buns with smooth filling like red bean paste or lotus seed paste (you can probably chew by now, and these are easy), mango pudding, coconut pudding, those big flat rice noodles with meat (beef is easiest) inside
                                    -at the asian grocery store there are these containers of really soft, mildly sweet tofu
                                    -sweet soy bean milk with fried cruellers soaked in them until they are really soft
                                    -any soft cooked fish

                                    Don't panic, I was able to chew before I actually got to eat all these foods, but since then I've just been noticing what would have also worked. Also, even though I can chew now, sometimes I eat mushy foods anyway because they are less likely to get stuck in the holes.

                                    Feel better soon!

                                    1. d
                                      david de berkeley

                                      thanks for all of the great responses everyone! definitely some stuff that i did not think of (i'm korean, and i didn't even think of soon tofu!)

                                      1. c
                                        Caitlin Wheeler

                                        Hummus, skordalia, taramasalata. Salty, savory and soft. The three S's I craved when I had my wisdom teeth out!

                                        1. ik how you feel fot mine does tuesday i just ate frozen go gurt ts it i lost near 10 pounds if you find anyhting good just tell me

                                          1. After reading alot of this thread and fnding most of it helpfull i have decided to share my experience.

                                            Had all 4 wisdom teeth (two partially impacted) removed yesterday at 11 a.m.

                                            First waking up from anesthesia felt no pain just a bit sore...felt fine to walk by myself but they insisted that i lay down in recovery for an hour.

                                            *I remember being REALLY thirsty

                                            My boyfriend drove me home and as soon as i got home i took the gauzz out and had some water. Took my meds first thing.

                                            Was really hungry but i waited until 6pm to have some chocolate pudding. Best thing ever!

                                            I didn't rinse my mouth out because you're supposed to wait 24 hrs before rinsing. Also it's really important to take your antibiotics 3 times a day to prevent infection (you do NOT want your wounds to get infected, heard it's really painful).

                                            I was swollen at all...guess my doc was good. just a little on the bottom sides so i put the ice packed against my cheeks.

                                            around 10pm i took more pain killers with some chicken noodle soup (only the broth not the noodles).

                                            at 11pm i had some ice cream (really helped the pain and the soreness and tasted really yummy)

                                            I slept pretty good thanks to the promethezine they gave me. Just woke up around 6am to take more meds.

                                            today woke up at 10am had yogurt for breakfast and some ice cream and a little miso soup (luke warm)

                                            remember try to avoid hot things as much as possible since this could cause you to get dry soquets.

                                            good luck! hope my post helps