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May 17, 2002 12:22 PM

Food Allergies

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I am curious about hounds with food allergies and how it affects your eating.

I have a weird allergy to certain raw fruits and vegetables. If they are cooked even slightly I have no problem. I have noticed it with organic and commercial foods. Sometimes the reaction is mild and sometimes moderate. I havn't had a severe reaction in years. A few minutes after eating these foods I get some or all of the following symptoms: Slight asthma, itchy mouth and tongu, slight stomach ache, blisters on my lips, tongue, or mouth.

I am not sure if it is a reaction to pesticides or to certain enzymes. Allergests seem clueless.
For some reason heirloom produce affects me less or not at all. I have met a few folks with apx. the same reaction.

The foods that affect me are:

Carrots- the first time I had the reaction when I was about 14 it was to a carrot and I went unconscious.

Potatoes- I get asthma and itchy hands even peeling them.

Apples- last fall I went to a pick your own orchard that had almost a 100 varieties of herloom apples and was able to eat 10-20 pounds a week for a month with no problems. I eat one store bought mac or red boring (I mean deliscious) and whammo.

Plums, pears, strawberries, peaches, and more.

When I forage for wild edibles I don't get a reaction except on a very rare occasion. I almost always get a reaction when I eat a salad in a restaurant but not at home (maybe because restaurants always put raw carrot in the salad.)

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  1. Maybe you are allergic to pesticides ?

    1. The only partial clue I can offer is with the fruits: most of them, other than the berries, are pomes or drupes, all members of the Rose family of plants.

      1. i have a once in a blue moon reaction to carrots and/or tomatoes. So far my reaction has only been a little bit of itching and maybe a bit of gum swelling. This is similar to the way my allergy to swiss cheese (i kid you not!) began to present itself. NOW, when i attempt to consume swiss cheese my gums swell and bleed, my tongue swells a little and i get very scared. if i consume (again, no joke) 5 or 6 glasses of ice water very quickly i can prevent any further damage. When (if...) my tomato carrot thing becomes this serious i will have to give them up, but i don't htink i will miss them as much as swiss.

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          I get anaphlaxis from Swiss cheese. Not all Swiss cheese but who wants to experiment? I live all other cheeses. Apparently Swiss is made from a particular culture which makes the holes.

        2. My son and sister developed similar allergies in adulthood, apples and carrots (raw ony) being the worst offenders. Very peculiar. Nothing life threatening, but very uncomfortable. They do their best to avoid these foods.

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          1. re: Pat Hammond
            Caitlin McGrath

            I'm certainly starting to think there's something to the pome/drupe distinction (though that doesn't explain carrots). My SO has allergic--major itch and discomfort--reactions to raw apples and chesrries, and to raw peach skins (peeled raw peaches are fine, as are cooked peaches w/skins). He says his mother's had similar reactions in the past. I don't *think* he has a carrot problem, but he doesn't like them and so actively avoids them anyway, so he could (and in terms of family connections, his sister was very allergic to carrots).

            Regarding getting allergies as adults, all kinds of allergies are definitely something one can grow into and out of (unfortunately, more often into, it seems!).

          2. I get an itch in my mouth and throat when I eat raw pears and peaches. I think it's from the micro-fuzz. When cooked, however, they're fine for me.

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              I would say it's definately the fuzz on the peaches. Do you eat them skin and all? Here in peach-growing country I've never seen anyone eat one without peeling it first. I think they are much fuzzier right off the tree than in the grocery store.