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May 15, 2002 02:57 PM

How to make gelatin glaze for fruit tarts?

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I've looked at many recipes and most just use apricot jam as the glaze. But I don't want that. I want to achieve that high gloss shine on my tarts. Anybody have a recipe to make a gelatin glaze?


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  1. I use apple jelly -- just melt it over lowish heat in a saucepan, thin with a little water if you have to. I don't like to use gelatin because it gets TOO stiff, but that's just personal preference.

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      With all due respect that high gloss gelatinous glaze is a huge turnoff and something you'd never see in France. Some chefs don't even use the apricot or apple jelly glaze. However, the chef I studied with liked for us to use apple jelly melted with a bit of water and not applied to heavily. Masse's in Berkeley uses apricot with water and Paul Masse said no glaze on blackberries! :-)


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        Masse's sounds interesting...I'll be in Berkeley for the next 2 weekends...can you share some info about this place with me? Is it worth a stop?

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          Masse's is definitely worth checking out. It's in a terrific neighborhood that includes Chez Panisse, Cesar, Black Oak Books and an Andronico's that I love.
          Have fun!

          Masse's Pastries
          1469 Shattuck Ave
          Berkeley, CA 94709

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            They have great cakes. So far I've tried their mango mousse, passionfruit mouse, and raspberry chocolate. All three were awsome! If you like mangos, definitly go for that.

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            what will happen to blackberries that won't happen to other berries?

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              I have no idea Gordon. I just have a vivid memory of preparing fruit tarts and Paul said to lightly glaze everything but the blackberries.


          3. Dr. Oetker has a small package glaze that works really well. Dr. Oetker products are German and are often in upscale grocery stores in the baking section. The glazes are not too sweet and have a nice neutral gelatin texture. They come in clear and red.

            1. Try arrowroot. It's a starch like substance that you dissolve in water and "paint" over the fruit. Once set, it becomes a thin clear colorless jello-like glaze. You should be able to find it in the spice aisle. McCormick makes them too.

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                Caitlin Wheeler

                Currant jelly here.