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May 10, 2002 03:11 AM

What Should I Do with Leftover Kimchi "Juice?" [moved from General Topics]

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I've almost polished off a huge half-gallon jar of kimchi. It would be a shame to toss the liquid that is left, yet pouring it over rice seemss too boring for words.

How would you use the leftover brine in the service of good chow?

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  1. I'd experiment by cutting up some cabbage, carrots and kirby cukes and putting them in a jar with the leftover kimchi juice. I'd also add some tiny pearl onions and maybe some peeled garlic cloves and store it in the frig for at least a week to allow the stuff to "pickle".

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      Salt the vegetables down first. Let them sit in the salt for several hours, then rinse, rinse, rinse. This removes a lot of internal water which will then be replaced by the flavors in your kim chee 'juice'. Use sea salt, not iodized salt so the veggies will retain more of their crunch.

      You can do the same thing with carrots and celery in your leftover 'Claussen's' pickle juices.

      1. re: Karolyn

        +1. You definitely don't want to throw your veg in without doing that first. :)

        You might also try making a moohl naengmyun (that's the cold buckwheat noodle soup dish) with a half kimchi brine broth. That's really tasty. :)

        And you can also use it as part of your braising liquid for some pork belly with Napa cabbage, some onion, garlic, a little fish sauce, and brown sugar.

    2. Eggs! How about hard-boiling a few eggs and pickling them in your left over juice?

      1. Cajun-Seoul cocktails?

        1. You can make kimchi tchigae, which is really good, spicy and easy to make (at least watching mom make it.) Works best with that really fermented kimchi. That is what my mom did when the stuff was getting really "bubbly". Eat with lots of rice!


          1. One of our favorite Korean dishes is a thinly sliced pork with kimchi. I bet cooking pork... chops, roast, fillets, it would be awesome!