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I have never stayed at one of these and more than likely never will. However I always felt that they made some very tasty and unique dishes. Lately I have been looking at various menus and trying some recipes. I have rather mixed emotions about them right now and am not ready to make any comment. What opinions do you have and what personal experience, if any, do you have. Should someone look to this as a resource for good recipes. Thanks

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  1. If you've found intriguing recipes prepared by B & Bs, I'd say, sure. Why not? Pat

    1. We stayed in one recently that reportedly used to be a brothel. Had a lot more fun embroidering the story for our church buddies than eating the breakfast which was okay pancakes and sausage.

      1. Try the link below for B and B recipes.

        Link: http://www.bbonline.com

        1. Have stayed in B&Bs all over the country. Much favor them over sterile hotels. Food is undeniably better and there may actually be some charm to the architecture. Grab one of the hundreds of B&B guides out there and try a few out - you won't be disppointed. Not to mention the fact that a number of really good chefs work part time at a few B&Bs, in California more often than not (especially in Wine Country).

          1. Stayed at a B & B in ashland, OR or was it CA I'm not sure it was on the border b/w the two states. Was there for the Shakesphearan festival. It was pretty nice. I would say its good for a getaway for a couple. Breakie is breakie, ain't nothing too special you can get out of it in my opinion unless you are back in Asia. They normally serve eggs, etc. The thing I like about it is that most of their ingredients are fresh which makes it very fulfilling.

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              Completely disagree, icecold. I've had some spectacular breakfasts at B&B's. They are like restaurants though...the majority are mediocre. You need to do your research to find the gems.

            2. This is not very useful, but it IS funny... see link

              Link: http://www.travelandleisure.com/invok...

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              1. The B&B where I used to stay in Virginia has closed its doors, which pains me because the breakfasts were the most awesome ones ever. Imagine things like Butter Pecan French Toast, Apple Sausage Ring, Crab Souffle, and the most amazing breads and muffins. Another place I used to stay in Lancaster County PA when I was transitioning back and forth to college had the most amazing rhubarb crisp, sticky buns, and zucchini strata.

                I love B&B food!

                The place I stayed in Virginia used to put out its own cookbook and sold it to guests at the inn and also sold copies in local gift shops. If you want B&B recipes and are in a touristy location that has a few B&Bs around, I'd suggest checking out the gift shops and seeing if there are any self-published B&B cookbooks for sale.

                1. We stayed at The Wild Goose B&B at EcoVillage in Ithaca, NY and at a B&B in Austin, TX. We were pleased with both and their ability/willingness to accommodate our vegan-ness and my gluten-free needs (which we of course discussed prior to making our reservation).

                  1. This is a great blog that I follow, so far I've made some of the breakfast recipes with good results.


                    1. I have a cook book with recipes from B &B's around the country. Some very creative ones, and some just average. As for the experience of staying there...I always found the atmosphere was like having sex at grandma's house.. But my grandma never offered us wine and cheese before bed time. But that's for another website...