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May 7, 2002 02:48 PM

Another Pet Peeve: Wobbly Tables

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Does this irk anyone else, or is it just me? It seems like bad form to be jamming wadded napkins under the leg of a table or chair and yet, I'd almost prefer that to having a shipboard-type experience of sliding plates, glasses, or votive candles whenever a tablemate wants to emphasize a point or rest his/her wrists on the table. I don't make a habit of carrying an assortment of shims around with me when I go out to eat. And why oh why would a patron be seated at such a table when other non-wobbly tables are available - I'm talking about a regular and/or well regarded patron here, not someone the waitstaff wants to get back at for some reason. Any thoughts?

Buen Provecho

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  1. my personal theory is that the designers never have to actually sit and have a full meal, complete with gestures and conversations, at these tables. The wobbles always seem like news to the waitstaff too (since they often have their designated table).

    It IS annoying! It really can add a whole level of subtle anxiety to a meal, and for me that and some bad lighting/bad acoustics and I'm sure to enjoy my meal less!

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      Most commercial tables come with adjustable levelers, yet it seems to be true that most restaurant people seem oblivious or ambivalent about this annoyance of which they are surely aware of everytime they change a cloth or cover.

      Of course restaurant tables used to come provided with their own individual levelers, they were called matchbooks!

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        Both my wife and I smoke and yes we do carry match books and yes we always have and still turn to them to use for this purpose.