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May 7, 2002 11:31 AM

Baked Beans in Crock Pot

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Does anyone have a really good recipe for baked beans in a crock pot? I've been craving them for several days!

I prefer old-fashioned New England style, if that's any help.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. No, but I regularly make refried beans in a crock pot.

    1 lb black beans and 7 cups water. A sprig of epazote on top, if you can find it. Cook on high for several hours, remove (and save) excess cooking water and mash the beans. Add back some of the cooking water to give right consistency. Save the rest of the water for when you reheat the leftover beans at a later date (they keep firming up over time and need to be re-softened.)

    NOTE: Dried legumes need to cook on HIGH, otherwise they will just sullenly sit there getting waterlogged.

    1. Last summer we made very delicious baked beans for a large crowd, and didn't really know what we were doing. Started by cleaning, then bringing to boil a couple of pounds of Great Northern beans. Let sit for an hour. Drain, refill with the pot water wich water to just cover the beans and cook till almost soft. Toss into a large crock pot with at least 1/4 lb. salt pork, cut in cubes. Add a very large onion, diced, at least 1/2 bottle of molasses, a big squeeze (1/3 of a bottle?) catsup, hit of yellow or spicy mustard, couple TBPs brown sugar, garlic powder to taste, 1-2 TB Worchestire sauce. Cover and let cook till soft and creamy. Add catsup if dry, or water--or reserved bean liquid, if you thought to save from above. To finish, an hour or so before serving, add 1TB or so cider vinegar for a little sweet/sour tang. These were really good. we've tried making in the oven, but in the crockpot they came out very soft and creamy--not at all hard or crunchy (which we've had before). Time and letting the beans soften are the key.