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May 3, 2002 08:15 AM

Themes and variations

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In a prior thread, I had mentioned my fondness for a variation on the BLT theme: since I cannot abide mayo on sandwiches, a friend introduced me to his family's tradition of substituting peanut butter for the mayo in a BLT. He did this at a greasy spoon in New Hampshire, and the chef at first refused the request, but relented after we insisted.

It was shockingly delicious!

So, with what kinds of deliciously heretical variations would you like to evangelize the chowhound world?

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  1. besides the aforementioned prosciutto'n'blue cheese fried sandwich, I've always been partial to peanut butter and kimchi sandwiches.

    1. Liverwurst, onion and ketchup. Sounds nasty but try it.

      1. My "stay young" sandwich (both ingredients are supposed to help fight aging):
        -- sardines (the littler, the better)
        -- avocado

        This is especially good on sliced French, with a little mayo and a little finely shredded lettuce.

        1. I invented this in the cafeteria in Grinnell College 10 years ago:

          Saltine crackers crumbled over vanilla soft-serve ice cream with a few twists from the pepper mill. Intriguingly delicious.

          1. s

            We use a spread called ajvar (pronounced eye-vahr) made of roasted sweet red peppers and eggplant that you can get in Middle Eastern stores. It's a great mayo replacer, keeps the sandwich from being dry. Good on pasta too. Comes mild or spicy...

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              This is what I like...

              The HOT ajvar--