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Apr 26, 2002 04:53 PM

Slaw dog

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I,ve heard of SLAW DOGS (hot dogs) but never had one. What are they exactly, is cole slaw the only condiment used, what kind of cole slaw is it, what part of the country are they from? etc, etc

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  1. Cole slaw is only uncured saur kraut.

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      Cole slaw is SO much more than "uncured sauerkraut".....

      1. At my business where I sell a lot of hot dogs, someone once asked me for a hot dog with cole slaw and pickles. I asked her where she was from and it turned out that she was visiting Pennsylvania from South Carolina so I guess this is a southern thing. I had never heard of the cole slaw but the pickles seem the same to me as the relish we serve.

        Also, there used to be a famous Philadelphia business called Levis's, which served hot dogs and fishcakes. I remember that one of the condiments they served was called pepper hash which similar to cole slaw but the cabbage is grated and it is made with vinegar instead of mayo.

        1. I spent all my summers in NC as a kid and every hot dog cookout included slaw to go on the dogs. Also chili. People used the slaw in many different combinations, but chili, slaw, mustard and onion was the most common, I think. Most times the slaw was similar to bbq slaw, i.e.- not creamy, no carrots or red cabbage, rather than a 'side dish' kind of slaw.

          In the Wash., DC area, I almost never saw anyone put slaw on their dogs and found people to be suprised when I do it.

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          1. re: Kim Shook

            That is how NC was for me too KIm. I lived in the Raleigh area and the same sort of slaw you describe was offered on the hot dogs. I didn't care for that slaw on my dog but I sure did like it on my NC barbecue. Oh to have one of those right now. Everytime I order bbq around Philly claiming to be NC bbq it always has the creamy slaw on it. Gah.

          2. Slaw dogs are mostly a Southern thing. The slaw is white and creamy EXCEPT around Lexington, NC. There the slaw of choice is red "barbecue" slaw made from the vinegar and slightly tomato barbecue sauce prevelant in the region. The dogs of choice are usually very red themselves. They're produced by Jessie Jones in Raleigh and Curtis Packing in Greensboro. Mmmm...

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