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Apr 24, 2002 10:14 AM

Vietnamese coffee

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I love it. I've seen the drip mechanism that sits over the cup. I know it's can take sweetened condensed milk.

What I don't know is what's really going on. What's the name of the drip thing that sits on the cup? Is this how it's always made, or is it at all possible to make larger quantities at a time for a group? Where can I buy them?

What kind of coffee bean is used? What kind of roast? What kind of grind? Or is it pre-ground? Can I use regular coffee, or is it special for Vietnamese coffee (I assume it is)?

Is there any specific condensed milk that's better than the others? Is extra sugar added (it is awfully sweet)? What's the proper ratio of coffee to milk (to sugar)?

What are the proportions/process for ICED Vietnamese coffee?

And finally, in what way, if any, is this different from Thai iced coffee?

Any further comments on Thai iced tea (what kind of tea is it,etc.) is also appreciated.

I love this stuff.

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  1. There was some discussion of this awhile back on "what's my craving" - and there might be more that this, as well. Check out this thread & if it doesn't give you an answer - try plugging in "vietnamese coffee" into the search option on the home page.

    If none of this works, stop by a Vietnamese restaurant and ask them where they get their equipment and supplies...

    Good luck!


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    1. re: magnolia

      Thanks. I actually never realized there was a search on the home page- I've just been doing finds on the open board pages, which was very cumbersome.

      So, real Vietnamese coffee is roasted with butter and sugar? Others say to use Cafe du Monde. What I see in my metal drip maker looks much more fine, even muddy, than Cafe du Monde coffee.

      I guess I'll go by an Asian supermarket and check out the goods.

      1. re: cypressstylepie

        Wow. That cafe du monde reference by HLing is a surprise to me. I used to drink CafeduMonde coffee all the time and don't associate that with it's chicory taste with Vietnamese coffee. There is Cafe Du Monde coffee without chicory too. I remembered it being a red can but just looked at their site and see it is blue.

        Generally a dark roast coffee (a French roast) is what I think is used. Most large Asian grocers will sell the little individual "makers." There are drip coffee processers for at least a pound of coffee at a time. I was introduced to those in New Orleans too. The resulting "concentrate" could be allowed to cool and be used to make hot or cold coffee. But the flavor was not quite the same as when using the individual drip makers we see in Vietnamese restaurants.



        1. re: wrayb

          The cafe du monde orange can (the kind with chicory) is the type one finds in chinatown supermarkets and it is also what I have seen in when I buy cups of coffee in vietnamese shops.

          1. re: jen kalb

            So is there any difference- subtle or blatant- between Thai coffee and Vietnamese coffee? I'm assuming Vietnamese coffee developed this way from the French influence. Did Thailand get it from Vietnam, or develop independently? The closest major coffee producing country seems to be Sumatra.
            I doubt that Vietnam is importing Cafe du Monde coffee...But, you never know.

            1. re: cyrpessstylepie

              The recipe I have for Thai coffee, hot and iced, just calls for espresso and sweeten condensed milk. The key for iced being that you mix the two ingredients together before you pour it over ice. But now I want one of those cool Vietnamese coffee gadgets...

    2. I've seen the drip coffeemakers at international grocers. They cost about $4.