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Apr 18, 2002 12:41 PM

What's your fave bottled Q sauce?

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Living on the Q this week due to heatwave. I'm in search of the best bottled "traditional" barbie sauce. I've been throwing together my own, because the prepared ones I've tried taste like chemicals. Anyone have a good recommendation to make?

Please no recipes. I can cook already. Just want a shortcut to free me from shopping, chopping, and slopping, so I can sit and watch the sun set.

Also, does anyone have any opinions to share on fake bottled "smoke" as an additive? I'm of two minds.

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  1. Bob's Damn Good Barbecue Sauce. Hard to find outside of Texas.

    1. I'm quite fond of pretty much the entire line of Jardine's sauces and rubs. Their stuff is all very high quality and "pure" - no preservatives, the hot sauces are very low on vinegar, etc...

      Some of their products are available on the shelves in NY, but they have a very large line for mail order.


      1. If Dat'l Do-It BBQ Sauce is anywhere as good as Datl Do-It hot sauce, it will be well worth the investment.

        Naturally, they have a web site.


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        1. re: Bob W.

          actually, I've tried their BBQ sauce and didn't like it at all. Rather bitter, if my memory serves me.

          1. re: chris o

            Someone gave me a gift box with this stuff. It was so bitter that I ended up dumping most of the barbeque sauce down the drain. I don't know if it was a bad batch, the manufacturer or the actual peppers, but datil doesn't do it for me!

            1. re: REP

              Wow, someone needs to let those Dat'l boys know how crappy their BBQ sauce is. I am chagrined.

              Maybe they need to stick to hot sauce. Next time I'm down at Peppers in Rehoboth Beach I'm going to ask them if they have heard similar reports.

              Better yet, I'm going to e-mail Dat'l Do-It. I will report back what they say.

        2. Open-Pit. Hard to find here in MA, though.

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          1. re: Chris VR

            I second the Open-Pit nomination for the best, readily available sauce. Not too strong, not too smokey, not too tomatoey, not too sweet. A real good all purpose sauce that doesn't taste like chemicals and artificial flavorings like many of the others seem to.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Open Pit is the sauce of choice for us-slightly sweet, tomatoey and vinegary--no fake smoke either. It's easily available in Detroit area; I have a friend in the NW whoorders a case from once a year. Not a fan of any added smokey flavor--haven't tried one that isn't overwhelming and fake.

            2. This is what I do. It doesn't require any cooking, merely a little serendipitous mixology. Get a bottleof commercial sauce (Kraft, KC masterpiece, whatever) and a bottle of mojo criollo (Spanish b'quesauce. Mix them in a bowl with whatever appealingingredients you may find in your cupboard or icebox.You can use fruit juices, liquor, pepper sauce, lime,honey, coconut milk, get the idea. It's muchzippier and more interesing than anything straight froma bottle. The hard part is trying to duplicate a particularly good batch later on after you forgot whatyou put in.