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Apr 16, 2002 12:53 AM

Tofu for Breakfast recipes

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Does anyone know of any good recipes for Tofu for breakfast. Maybe on the sweet side of things involving maple syrup?

I'm already quite familiar(and dissastisfied) with all of the tofu scrambles type things and I was considering what other possibilities there were for breakfast casseroles, puddings. I'm not a vegetarian so adding eggs to thicken the mix is ok too.


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  1. Maybe not quite what you want, but I use silken smooth tofu in breakfast smoothies all the time. Some frozen fruit (or fresh), juice, and a big chunk o' tofu. It makes a very thick, smooth shake.

    1. I sauté cubed tofu in butter until browned on all sides, add soy sauce and stir until completely coated, then add a beaten egg. Serve over rice.

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        1. re: ironmom

          Sounds like that would be awesome with some kimchi.
          Off to buy firm tofu for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for the idea ;-)

        2. I remember when we were little living in Taiwan, the tofu vendor would come around in the morning yelling out their goods. People would come out to the street and buy fresh tofu for their breakfast. Ususally, my family just put some soy sauce, chopped up green onions, some sesame oil, and if you got some bonito shavings on top. It's yummy as is, served cold.

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            This is so good if you have really fresh tofu.

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              This is the soft, puddingy kind, i.e., doufu hua [as in flower], right? I like it salty, but another common preparation is with a sweet syrup, often ginger, which would be a great sweet breakfast. However, if there isn't a local source that makes it fresh, you'd probably have to make it yourself -- it's easier to coagulate and isn't pressed, but regular pressed tofu wouldn't be a good replacement. Even the soft kind used for soon tofu probably wouldn't work.

            2. This is sort of along the lines of tofu scramble but more like a saute...

              I fry up some andouille sausage (sliced), add available veggies (mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach all work great) and add cubed firm tofu. I finish it off with some tomato sauce or paste (whatever I have), perhaps some oregano and Tabasco. Salt & pepper to taste.

              1. Tofu French Toast recipes abound, most Vegan or Veg cookbooks have them - our favorite is from the Millenium Cookbook, a phenomenal vegan cookbook.

                Combine the following in a blender and puree into a batter:

                1T Flaxseeds
                1/2 c. Applesauce
                2 c Soy milk
                1/2 t groud nutmeg
                1 t ground cinnamon
                1/4 t salt

                dip thick slices of bread into the batter, fry as you would french toast.