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Tofu for Breakfast recipes

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Does anyone know of any good recipes for Tofu for breakfast. Maybe on the sweet side of things involving maple syrup?

I'm already quite familiar(and dissastisfied) with all of the tofu scrambles type things and I was considering what other possibilities there were for breakfast casseroles, puddings. I'm not a vegetarian so adding eggs to thicken the mix is ok too.


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  1. Maybe not quite what you want, but I use silken smooth tofu in breakfast smoothies all the time. Some frozen fruit (or fresh), juice, and a big chunk o' tofu. It makes a very thick, smooth shake.

    1. I sauté cubed tofu in butter until browned on all sides, add soy sauce and stir until completely coated, then add a beaten egg. Serve over rice.

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          Sounds like that would be awesome with some kimchi.
          Off to buy firm tofu for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for the idea ;-)

        2. I remember when we were little living in Taiwan, the tofu vendor would come around in the morning yelling out their goods. People would come out to the street and buy fresh tofu for their breakfast. Ususally, my family just put some soy sauce, chopped up green onions, some sesame oil, and if you got some bonito shavings on top. It's yummy as is, served cold.

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            This is so good if you have really fresh tofu.

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              This is the soft, puddingy kind, i.e., doufu hua [as in flower], right? I like it salty, but another common preparation is with a sweet syrup, often ginger, which would be a great sweet breakfast. However, if there isn't a local source that makes it fresh, you'd probably have to make it yourself -- it's easier to coagulate and isn't pressed, but regular pressed tofu wouldn't be a good replacement. Even the soft kind used for soon tofu probably wouldn't work.

            2. This is sort of along the lines of tofu scramble but more like a saute...

              I fry up some andouille sausage (sliced), add available veggies (mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach all work great) and add cubed firm tofu. I finish it off with some tomato sauce or paste (whatever I have), perhaps some oregano and Tabasco. Salt & pepper to taste.

              1. Tofu French Toast recipes abound, most Vegan or Veg cookbooks have them - our favorite is from the Millenium Cookbook, a phenomenal vegan cookbook.

                Combine the following in a blender and puree into a batter:

                1T Flaxseeds
                1/2 c. Applesauce
                2 c Soy milk
                1/2 t groud nutmeg
                1 t ground cinnamon
                1/4 t salt

                dip thick slices of bread into the batter, fry as you would french toast.

                1. You might try substiting 1/2 tofu and 1/2 cottage cheese, blended for the filling in any good blintzes recipe. With lots of fruit topping, blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup this could be pretty tasty....

                  1. tofu custard? common chinese food for breatfast. basically its plain tofu just curdled (with custard consistance), and served iwth syrup.

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                      I make mine using a tofu powder, and serve it with ginger syrup.


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                        Oooh, I've never tried making this! Can you post your recipe, purple goddess?

                        Tofu custard is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post. I think it's called "Tofu Fa" or "Tofu Fu." You can buy it at most Asian markets. Usually comes with a smaller container of ginger syrup on top. It is great hot or cold.

                        If you do look for this in a store, try to find out when they deliver it and pick it up then. Here in SoCal, some stores let it sit out and if you buy yours late in the day, you may not get the best selection.

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                          Like most of my recipes, it's kinda by feel!

                          I buy powdered tofu (in the Japanese section of my Asian grocer) You get about 3 foil packs in a box.

                          You mix the powder with water, bring to the boil, remove from heat and allow to set. I then use a silicone chan to "slice" (or more correctly skim) bits of the warm tofu off and place in a bowl.

                          Ginger syrup:

                          1 cup water, approx 1/3-1/2 cup of finely sliced/julienned young ginger (I buy the longest piece of ginger I can find and I leave the skins on), 3/4 cup of raw sugar or palm sugar, depending in what's in the cupboard.

                          Bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved and simmer for a good 10 mins until the ginger has infused the syrup and your whole house smells heavenly.

                          Spoon over tofu slices and scoff.

                          I have been making this for years.. it was both of my kid's very first foods.

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                            Thanks for the recipe, purple goddess. A few questions:

                            What is the powdered tofu labeled? Is it just called "powdered tofu"? Does the packaging have a recipe for proportion of water to powder? If not, what proportion do you use?

                            How long does it take to set?

                            Also, every dim sum place I've seen it served and the store versions all have the tofu sitting in some water. Should I expect to see the same with your recipe? Just trying to get a feel for what to expect so I know if something isn't right.

                            Thanks so much for posting. A few years ago I looked into making my own and didn't think it was possible. I'm so excited about being able to make it at home!!!

                    2. Whole Foods market offers a chocolate "pudding" made from whipped silken tofu on their salad bar buffet. Perhaps someone knows a recipe for something like this that could help you?

                      1. Put a little butter in a pan, add small cubed tofu and sautee for a bit. Add one egg--just enough to coat tofu--and scramble/stir. Add brown sugar, some maple syrup and stir around a bit on low, add a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese and stir around until it melts slightly. Remove mixture and put on plate or top it on toasted bread/english muffin. You can add a little jam on top too. Enjoy!

                        It may sound wacky but give it a try.

                        1. In Japanese cooking miso soup is a common breakfast item. It's not sweet, but using a white miso pushes it in that direction.

                          1. Press the moisture out, thin slice it, then cut into narrow strips. Dip it in a tempura batter then fry in bacon grease.
                            Saute some onion & garlic, maybe some chives. Add a couple eggs over easy and a couple of crisp bacon strips.

                            1. Take tofu steak, leaving it a little wet from liquid (or dry and dip in egg or white), coat w/ a mixture of flour, cinnamon, sugar (brown and/or white), then sear in butter until the crust get nice and golden brown.

                              I second ciaolette's idea of blintz filling.

                              Also blend tofu til smooth, add dry oatmeal, an egg white, cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of sugar. Make oatmeal pancakes, and serve with jam or syrup.

                              Pumpkin Mousse. Blend tofu with pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, candied ginger if you desire, and vanilla. Let set.

                              Add cubes of it to fruit salad that gets tossed w/ a lime simple syrup. Let it set so the tofu absorbs the lime sugar solution.

                              Bran Muffins that use it... http://vegetarian.about.com/od/breakf...

                              The tofu thai eggs on this page also look interesting http://hubpages.com/hub/Vegetarian_To...

                              1. Sweet Tofu for Breakfast--slice extra firm tofu into 1/4" pieces and pat dry thoroughly. Heat about 1 tablespoon of sorgum syrup (same syrup used to make sho-fly pie, I buy mine from Barry Farm foods online) or any other syrup of your choice over low heat. I've tried several syrups and find that sorgum really coats and stays on the tofu slices. The sorgum needs to be spread about the bottom of the pan or it will just remain in the same spot you dropped it in. And dont let the syrup get to hot, it will crystallize. Once hot add slices of tofu and heat on both sides and they are ready to eat. I add more sorgum to the pan with each batch of tofu I cook. The tofu will have the same consistency of french toast so it can be finished as such by sprinkling brown sugar, cinnamon, etc. or more sorgum syrup over it. I like mine with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a generous sprinkle of powdered sugar. Hope you try this one.

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                                  I just made this for breakfast and it was awesome! I didn't add anything to it - just sorgum and tofu - and I loved it. Next time I may add some cinnamon and raisins. I live in Missouri and I got sorgum from our CSA. This is the best recipe I've used it in yet.

                                2. hey Iorn Frank I hope this gets to you! this is a very easy recipe that I use to eat in the Philippines that contains Tofu & Maple Syrup... it is called Taho... there was a guy that used to make it himself and we'd all buy it off of him.. but i found a recipe that works well ..

                                  Home Made Taho:
                                  extra soft/silken tofu
                                  maple syrup (or can make your own from brown sugar)
                                  cooked tapioca balls (optional)

                                  drain tofu, then get whatever amount you like.. put it in the microwave for about a minute.. then add the tapioca balls & syrup! it's so delicious!! .. you can also google Taho Recipes... i hope this works well .. it's by far my fave!!!

                                  1. Silken tofu makes a screaming blintz filling; mix with a bit of sugar, a tot of lemon juice, some zest (can also sub in orange) a dash of salt, and an egg plus a yolk to bind it somewhat. And a bed of pan-crisped tofu would be a nice neutral foil for poached egg and garlicky greens.

                                    1. Instant tofu 'soda bread'


                                      Lovely whilst still warm with butter and jam, butter and maple syrup would be lovely too.

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                                        That's an amazing translation page. MoGa, any chance you could write out what you actually do? "Smallness 2" is not an amount I'm willing to guess at... I particularly like "When sticky, please use an earlobe by adding powder."

                                      2. You can use puréed silken tofu as the liquid in pancakes. It's not super tofu-ey, but it's good.