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Apr 15, 2002 09:40 PM

tea virgins

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I recently heard this thing about how green tea is picked by virgin maidens who can't eat spicy foods, the reasoning being this prevents off flavors from passing on to the delicately scented tea leaves whiled being picked. Does anybody know if this is actually true?

If yes then WOW! I'd definately have a brand new appreciation for tea!

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  1. You been reading Giant Robot, too?
    How about those Filipino Prison recipes?


    1. Wow. The things people believe.

      1. A similar story circulated for years to the effect that the best Cuban cigars--when there was such a creature--were rolled on the thighs of nubian virgins. It was a cute bit of whimsy but I cannot recall the alst time I encountered someone who, in youth, actually believed it.

        1. sounds like child labor to me...