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Apr 10, 2002 09:57 PM

Inspiring Books

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Just checked out the posted book recommendations and was surprised not to see a few I just finished.
Soul of a Chef and Cooking at the CIA, both by Michael Ruhlman were excellent.

I read the Soul of a Chef (written after Cooking) first, and l loved it.
Gave a very impressive in depth look into
Thomas Kellers French Laundry.
And the first part, looking at the Chef Master Certificate program, was intense.
Kept me on the edge of my seat.

He mixes the facts in with great stories and personal anecdotes.

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  1. "Soul of a Chef", one of my faves. It was such a page-turner, just like a good mystery. I hated puting it down. And "Cooking at the CIA" was wonderful too. If I'd ever had illusions of attending a big time cooking school, that would have cured me.

    Those two belong on the list for sure. Pat

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      Since you guys are into reading books about the world of cooking I thought I'd ask if any you have read a book about an Australian Chef who travelled across China, Russia and parts of Europe.
      He described his adventures with a lot of charm. He brought along his family on this trip and socialized with plenty of Vodka along the way.
      I borrowed the book from a library. I loved it but forgot the title so I can purchase it for my personal library. So please if you know about this book, provide me with a title or author. Thanks