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Apr 10, 2002 05:56 PM

"Cloaca" on NPR

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today's "All things considered" has a piece on the artwork "Cloaca" currently on exhibit at The New Museum in New York City. This was discussed when it first went in some months ago.

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  1. I loved this NPR piece. She said everything I felt about this piece of sh-art, but am not articulate enough to!! I was thinking, "it was really popular right after Sept. 11 to say 'we are all New Yorkers'. Y'know what - we are all NOT New Yorkers." As a big Nat'l Endowment supporter, this kind of thing just makes me cringe. Not that it is supported by the NEA (I have no idea if it is or not), but it is just ammo for the Jesse Helms of the world. I can't even begin to defend this kind of exhibit. The curator was a hoot, what an idiotic parody of a dilettante he was, being inspired by the "art" to examine his own bowel efforts because "theres meaning in there". Feh.

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      Please join me on Not about Food.