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Apr 10, 2002 04:53 PM

gumbo question

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I've been making an awesome andouille sausage / chicken gumbo for years but once and awhile i add okra now here's my question. Do i need to saute the okra separate from the roux before hand or can i saute the okra with the onions peppers etc.. with the roux AND do i save a cup and add it towards the end?

I make a basic roux add the vegies meat etc... last time i added the okra in the end and it was ALL SLIME

thanks for help

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  1. That's purely a matter of taste--some of us love the slime, can't do without it. You can cook it with the onions and peppers, but if you slice it...slime. You can saute it whole, hold it aside, cut it up and warm it at the end. Or learn to love hairy, slimey food.

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      I always fry the okra separately in oil with some acid--lemon juice usually or a little vinegar--then add it on it's own fairly early on. this eliminates slime and allows it to cook into the gumbo

    2. The okra needs to cook for a long time in order to thicken the gumbo, and as a result you will not encounter any slime. I would not add any new, sliced okra at the end. I add mine to the other vegetables that are sauteed in the roux. Or, if it's winter and I'm using frozen okra that I sliced and saved from my summer garden, I just dump in the frozen block and it cooks down nicely. You will still see the okra slices in the finished gumbo but they will not be slimy. I've had okra-haters eat my gumbo without complaints because they thought the okra was slices of peppers.