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Best Mail Order Food Sites?

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I just ordered some steaks from HarrisBeef.com for the first time (any opinions?), and was wondering what other great mailorder food sites were out there?

I've ordered from Lobel's (great, but $$$), OmahaSteaks (supermarket quality & pricey), L.A.Burdick (OK, I prefer Teuscher & Maison du Chocolat).


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  1. One of my favorite sites is www.zingermans.com, as well as www.impromptugourmet.com and www.penzeys.com for spices. I can't say enough good things about Zingermans... their breads are top notch, their pastries are all good, their customer service has never disappointed. Check it out! :)

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      Caitlin McGrath

      I believe Impromptu Gourmet has gone out of business.

      1. We've discussed it a little on the Los Angeles page, but www.lobels.com will deliver the best red meat in the land to your doorstep, fresh.

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          Not to be disagreeable but Lobels is not the Worlds best or even close and yes I've had it. Before the temp ban from Japan (KOBE) was the best by far. Presently "High end" Dry aged Prime is available in LA and is no different than Lobel's . Well yes, there is a difference, THE PRICE!!!! Wholesale Dry aged Prime is around 13- a pound compared to Lobel's 50- a pound plus shipping = 65- a pound. Downside is you have to buy quanity to buy wholesale but if you look at the price difference and have a few friends that want some to you will be surprised how fast it's gone.

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            Jon Leventhal

            Living in LA, the only butcher I've been to with excellent meat is Harvey Guss, but even he doesn't compare to Lobel's.

            What butcher are you thinking about?


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              If you've found dry-aged Prime as good as Lobels in LA (or anywhere else for that matter), I'd LOVE to know where. I order it or buy it anywhere I find it, and have yet to taste anything that measures up. It's one thing to say it's Prime, and it's dry-aged. But Lobels is more than that, because they are incredibly particular about the meat they select from the market in the first place. I can't speak to Kobe, because even I have a price point limit.

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                Goldberg-Solovey in Vernon has it. But you have to buy it by the case which is four pieces aprox 60lbs at the W/C window for cash. Kobe is temp unavailable till the importation is allowed back into the USA. Sixty dollars a pound isn't that much when your paying the same for the mail order stuff anyway.

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                  Sweet Willie

                  Tom M.,

                  I'm going to recommend that you try and raise your price limit, IF you are a steak lover.

                  Having had Kobe in Japan, it is an unbelievable experience for steak lovers.

                  While very tasty the american Kobe does not live up to the true Kobe experience IMO (the texture and flavor do not quite stack up for the $$ you are paying).

                  If you have access to Japanese Kobe, go for it!!!!

                  1. re: Sweet Willie

                    Thanks for the tip on Kobe. I'll have to find a way to avoid disclosing the price to my wife if/when it comes back to the US market. BTW, though, these estimates that Lobels meat is 60 to 65 a pound are not accurate. I just checked, and I've been getting 4 16 oz. boneless strips for $138.95, plus $29.95 shipping. That works out to about $42/lb. Outrageously expensive, to be sure, but not quite as high as has been quoted. The ribeyes and prime rib is less still.

                    1. re: Tom M.

                      The price for Lobel's NY is presently 70- for a 30oz steak add the 30- shipping and it's 100- for just less than 2 lbs. which is still 50+ which is different than I paid this morning wholesale which was 13- a pound no shipping. SAME EXACT THING!

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              wow i'm a dog

              I heard this is a good one for fresh Hawaiian seafood, but I haven't tried it yet.

              Desserts To Die For
              Great cookies - period.

              Paolino's Gourmet Italian Food www.gourmetitalianfood.com
              Their gift baskets are awesome. How I discovered Laudemio olive oil.

              Manicaretti Italian Food Imports
              Among other items: artisanal olive oils and four different kinds of honey: acacia, chestnut, millefiori, corbozzello. I can't wait to try the Cherry Balsamic. Yum...

              1. We like Peppers of Key West (link below) for hot sauces. We visited the shop in Key West on a vacation, and have been ordering sauces from them since then. Everything we've tried, we've liked, especially the Pete's Heat sauce. Prices are reasonable, they ship really quickly and everything is well packaged.

                And at the store in Key West, the owners are incredibly nice, and have a full hot sauce tasting bar.

                Link: http://www.peppersofkeywest.com

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                1. re: Chris VR

                  I order it or buy it anywhere I find it, and have yet to taste anything that measures up. It's one thing to say it's Prime, and it's dry-aged. But Lobels is more than that, because they are incredibly particular about the meat they select from the market in the first place.


                2. Has anyone ordered anything from tienda.com? They import and sell Spanish foods such as chorizos, hams, and rice mixes. I'm curious and very interested in ordering from them.

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                  1. re: raj1

                    I ordered from them several times: chorizo and bomba rice. The products were of great quality, and delivered in no time. Prices are also good.

                  2. I do lots of food shopping on the web. Here are some of my favorites:

                    http://www.nueske.com -- apple-smoked meats -- incredible bacon and ham

                    http://www.smokehouse.com -- another great smoked meats place

                    http://www.tonypacko.com -- pickles and relishes, hot dog sauce

                    http://www.datldoit.com -- wonderful datil pepper (related to the habanero) and other pepper products -- we really like their Datl Do-It hot sauce and their Minorcan mustard

                    http://www.usingers.com -- really good sausage

                    http://www.buttecreekmill.com -- These folks run a water powered grist mill in Eagle Point, Oregon. They sell all sorts of wonderful flours, meals, cereals and grains. Lots of nice gift boxes.

                    http://www.jschmidtconfections.com -- great chocolate gift boxes!!

                    http://www.localflavor.com/ -- this is where we got our authentic Boston beanpot -- LOTS of other stuff

                    http://www.trappistabbey.org/fruitcak... -- now don't laugh -- these are really, really good fruitcakes and yes, there IS such a thing

                    http://www.whitelily.com/ -- this is the ONLY flour to use to bake southern specialties like cornbread, spoonbread and biscuits -- they also sell very good mixes

                    http://www.redibase.com/ -- incredible soup bases including lobster, ham, mushroom, roasted garlic, roasted onion, shrimp, seafood, southwestern vegetable, etc. -- also, rubs and seasonings

                    1. www.californiaoranges.com - which is the site of Pleasant Valley Ranch. Used them at the holidays to send Oranges and tangerines to everyone I know. Prices included shipping and were reasonable. Also bought a box for myself, incredible fruit. Everyone was quite pleased.

                      Also www.halegroves.com -- Hale Groves out of Florida, also great citrus, bigger selection than site above.

                      1. After reading the NYT magazine story on beef and hearing the reporter interviewed on Fresh Air, I feel like I am ready to try some of that thar grass fed beef. Any suggestions on mail order options?

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                          suzanne camhi

                          These are real authentic peanuts rigt from Sedley, Virginia. Available in salted and unsalted versions.
                          Priced great a 40oz can ( that's alot of nuts) is $16.50 plus 2.00 shipping.
                          Please try them.

                          Link: http://www.hubspeanuts.com/

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                          1. I don't know if she still does it but Marion Burros used to do a yearly round up of best mailorder food sources for the NYTimes, she would gather her friends for a tasting of dozens of products and report the findings. You can probably find her columns in the NYTimes archives.

                              1. I order fantastic heirloom dried beans from www.ranchogordo.com.

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                                  Another great place for dried heirloom beans is www.phippscountry.com

                                  And an excellent place for dried peppers, both smoked and non-smoked, chile jams, and salsa and mole "kits" is http://www.tierravegetables.com/food....

                                2. ohnuts.com for nuts and dried fruit.

                                  1. I got my grandparents a "Fruit of the Month" club membership from www.Gotfruit.com last year. They raved about it all year long. They do baskets, etc. I think maybe nuts, too. They were super reasonable as far as prices go.

                                    1. http://www.saffron.com/
                                      saffron & whole vanilla beans

                                      dried spices, spice blends and loose tea

                                      best deals on cheese & pizza products

                                      rooibos tea

                                      tea cookies (made from tea leaves) & baked gifts

                                      indoor mushroom farms

                                      coconut products

                                      Thai ingredients, thai tea, cookware