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Apr 1, 2002 03:52 PM

Mistic Zotics

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Is this line of unusual flavored juice drinks from Mistic old news?

I bought a cloudberry flavored one today, passing up the Mangosteen, Acerola, and a couple of other exotic flavors. The gimmick seems to be that these are flavors from around the world: the lable has a little world map with a symbol (in this case a Viking ship in the area of Sweden) where the flavor comes from.

Anyone tried any of the other flavors? Does this really taste like cloudberry?

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  1. I've tasted a few of them, since my daughter is fond of drinks of that type. I find them all too cloyingly sweet for my taste.

    I've had Finnish cloudberry liquer, but I'm not sure how much that tastes like cloudberries, either.

    1. I was introduced to the mangosteen flavor in Chicago by a friend a few years ago. I loved it, but unfortunately, Mistic products are not to be found in Wisconsin. Luckily I will soon be moving to a state where they exist. They're sweeter than I usually like, but for a treat now and then with a salty snack, it's pretty tasty. I tried a non-mangosteen flavor once, but I forget what it was and whether it was any good. They seem to have very little of the 'exotic' fruit and are mostly grape juice or something. But I like the flavor of it, so I don't really care.