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Mar 27, 2002 03:10 PM

Query re Original Pancake House 49'ers pancakes

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Please someone -- what is the difference between 49'er Flapjacks and Sourdough Flapjacks? The Original Pancake House does both. I've had the sourdough, they are fantastic. I'm flying to the States Friday and eating at one in Indiana Saturday and really need to know if I should go for the Sourdough again or the 49'ers!?

I'm told 49'ers are sourdough -- if so, what's the difference?



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  1. A former girlfriend of mine always got the 49'ers at the OPH. I do not know what the sourdough are like but the 49'ers are very thin (only a tiny bit thicker than crepes), cover the whole plate, and are more chewy than fluffy (as crepes are to pancakes), if you were taking the SATs:

    chewy:fluffy::crepes & 49'ers:pancakes

    Gee, and I thought it was a useless test!

    P.S. - I prefer the apple pancakes with a side of their awesome thick-cut bacon...though the pecan pancakes are good too!

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      I get the dutch baby everytime. Yum.