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Oscar query: 3 faves

Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 02:15 PM

What are your 3 favorite movies in which food plays a leading role?
For the Grubman:
Eat Drink Man Woman
Mystic Pizza
La Grande Bouffe.

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  1. d
    Dena RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 02:29 PM

    Babette's Feast
    Big Night
    The Wedding Banquet

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    1. re: Dena
      ruth arcone RE: Dena Mar 26, 2002 04:45 PM

      Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
      Like Water for Chocolate
      Tom Jones

    2. d
      Daniel C RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 03:15 PM

      Babette's Feast
      The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

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      1. re: Daniel C
        Allie D'Augustine RE: Daniel C Mar 26, 2002 09:15 PM

        The only problem with The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover is that it makes you LOSE your appetite!

        --Allie, tired after finishing a 20-pager on Greenaway today

        1. re: Allie D'Augustine
          Daniel C RE: Allie D'Augustine Mar 27, 2002 08:06 PM

          Yeah, but the food (at least up until the last "meal") looks glorious.

      2. y
        yumyum RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 03:48 PM

        Just one -- Tampopo.

        Liked Big Night, and Babette's, but this is the ultimate.

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        1. re: yumyum
          gordon wing RE: yumyum Mar 26, 2002 05:22 PM

          A second vote for Tampopo....a fabulous movie! Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe was a lot of fun and Eat, Drink -Man, Woman round out my list.

          1. re: yumyum
            Sharuf RE: yumyum Mar 26, 2002 06:05 PM

            Tampopo had plenty of heart and lots of goofy humor. What more does a movie need to be memorable?

          2. e
            eclair RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 04:10 PM

            God of Cookery
            Like Water for Chocolate

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            1. re: eclair
              galleygirl RE: eclair Mar 26, 2002 09:30 PM

              Oooh, I had forgotten "Like Water for Chocolate"! The true fusion of food and passion!

            2. s
              susan blair RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 04:24 PM

              My vote goes to Scarlett O'Hara
              "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again".

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              1. re: susan blair
                galleygirl RE: susan blair Mar 26, 2002 09:28 PM

                "As God is my witness, I'll never eat chain-food again!!"

                "Scarlett, stop cleaning your plate, I'm sure there's more dessert!!"

              2. a
                Aaron D RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 05:57 PM

                Does 'Delicatessen' count?

                1. g
                  galleygirl RE: Mr Grub Mar 26, 2002 09:34 PM

                  Another vote for "Like Water for Chocolate"...(food and passion, what else matters?)

                  "Big Night" made me walk a mile, INTO THE WIND, on a cold, winter nite, because I had to have Italian food IMMEDIATELY after I saw it!

                  And "Mystic Pizza", because, hey, it's pizza!!

                  But I'm gonnah go rent "Tampopo" again tomorrow, just to check!

                  1. p
                    Persephone RE: Mr Grub Mar 27, 2002 08:07 AM

                    * A Feast At Midnight - Delightful little movie, just love it.

                    * Big Night - I start to crave Italian food just thinking about it.

                    * Eating Raoul - I can't help it, it seemed so outrageous when I first saw it as a sheltered midwestern teen and it quickly became a favorite among my little circle of misfits, and therefore maintains a place in my heart.

                    Honorable mention to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for favorite movie with candy in a starring role.

                    I hang my head in shame that I have not seen Tampopo, apparently I must do that soon.

                    1. s
                      Sharuf RE: Mr Grub Mar 27, 2002 09:55 AM

                      I notice no one has mentioned "Silence of the Lambs".

                      .Sorry ...

                      1. m
                        mc michael RE: Mr Grub Mar 27, 2002 10:03 AM

                        There have been great selections on this thread. I'm surprised no one's mentioned "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands."

                        1. c
                          Cannibal Carrie RE: Mr Grub Mar 27, 2002 10:28 AM

                          Yeah, I know there are more than three, but when it comes to eating people, it is so hard to decide:

                          Week End
                          Rise and Fall of Idi Amin
                          Redneck Zombies
                          House of 1000 Corpses
                          Grandpa's Fingers (a personal fav)
                          Don't Go Near the Park
                          The Cook, The Theif, His Wife, & Her Lover
                          The Circus Queen Murder
                          Cannibal Island
                          Eating Raoul

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                          1. re: Cannibal Carrie
                            Persephone RE: Cannibal Carrie Mar 27, 2002 10:39 AM

                            I think you might enjoy the ManBeef website - "the world's leading human meat distributor."

                            Link: http://www.manbeef.com

                            1. re: Persephone
                              Mark Lee RE: Persephone Mar 27, 2002 01:53 PM

                              Man, that is one SCREWED-UP mind working there.... :)

                          2. w
                            woo! RE: Mr Grub Mar 27, 2002 04:27 PM

                            Big Night - You just can't beat it, WOW what great Italian food... don't you love the line "Do you know what happens in that place?!?! The RAPE of food!" - describing the "bad" but successful Italian place next door...

                            Eat, Drink, Man, Woman - Just CAN'T beat the opening cooking sequence.

                            301/302 - The woman loves to cook... but is a little off center to say the least...

                            1. d
                              David "Zeb" Cook RE: Mr Grub Mar 28, 2002 08:11 AM

                              One that nobody has mentioned --

                              A Chinese Feast (A chinese cooking competition comedy)

                              And two votes for:

                              Big Night

                              David "Zeb" Cook

                              1. j
                                JaniceT RE: Mr Grub Mar 28, 2002 04:55 PM

                                The very sexy Tom Jones and I'm surprised no one's mentioned Soul Food. Yum!

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