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Mar 25, 2002 03:20 PM

shelf life for pure maple syrup

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Anyone know the shelf life for pure maple syrup? I have a large bottle bought 3 years ago that still tastes fine. Am I taking any chances eating it?

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  1. Maple syrup because of it's high sugar level (which is antibacterial) lasts practically forever. Even if mold eventually grows on top you can just scoop it off and the rest is fine. The higher the quality and sugar level the longer it lasts. If it tastes good then it is. I buy it up in New England in 1 gallon cans and they last a few years, no problem. I even like the flavor of aged syrup better than fresh.

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    1. re: The Rogue
      Kathryn Callaghan

      I attended a maple producer's workshop a few weeks ago. The literature they gave us confirms that moldy syrup is still useable, but it recommendeds that it be boiled after the mold is removed.

      (Once opened, syrup should be refrigerated. I've had unrefrigerated syrup mold.)

      1. re: Kathryn Callaghan

        ...and how did it taste?

        (only kidding...I know you are using "mold" as a verb there...just couldn't resist!)

        1. re: Kathryn Callaghan
          Michele Cindy

          I always refrigerate syrup and it still can get a moldy taste, but I've never actually seen any mold on it.

          1. re: Michele Cindy

            I've found mold in maple syrup after only 2 or 3 months in the pantry. I keep it in the fridge now.

            There's been some discussion on this in, where the advice was to boil it for 10 minutes after removing the mold.

            Freezing it has also been suggested. "Keep it in the freezer, it never actually freezes, but regains viscosity quite quickly, and is safe to replace in the freezer."


            1. re: Doug Weller

              The problem is that if your maple syrup comes in a narrow-neck opaque jug, it's impossible to see when mold has formed in order to remove it. It mixes in and contaminates the whole jug.

              1. re: ironmom

                That describes the jug mine's in! Any suggestions?



                1. re: Doug Weller

                  Buy in small enough quantities that you use it up a few months after opening, and keep refrigerated after opening.

                  1. re: ironmom

                    I can get it here in the UK in small glass bottles, but the good stuff, the grade B, is only available in a large opaque plastic jug from CostCo. Ah well. Thanks for the advice.

      2. I agree. I saw this just the other day on the Food Network's Unwrapped show. They said that pure maple syrup will last for years and years.

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        1. re: hap

          "They said that pure maple syrup will last for years and years."

          Not in our house!

          1. re: John Whiting

            Same here. Maple syrup just doesn't last long around here even when I buy the gallon size cans. I don't use refined sugar, just maple and other tree syrups and honey.