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Mar 25, 2002 01:17 PM

what's a good side for coq au vin?

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I'm making some coq au vin this weekend and wonder what I should serve as sides?

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  1. Potatoes roasted in goose fat? Fresh asparagus (if you live in CA, it's starting to be asparagus season) roasted in a pan for five minutes at 400 degrees with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper?

    1. Coq au vin has such a nice complex /rich flavour, simple sides sound good. Steamed: new/fingerling potatoes with butter /parsley
      any green spring vegetable, peas or favas with mint,
      Some light french style bread with good butter.

      1. If you're making it with pearl onions and mushrooms, it doesn't really need much except steamed potatoes (the sauce is already pretty rich, so much as I love potatoes cooked in goose or duck fat, I wouldn't use them here). But yes, a nice fresh spring green veg. would be delightful -- asparagus (again, I would just steam them) or peas. And really good bread, and a simple green salad afterwards.

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          I'll second that. Incidentally, if you can't get a cock (which can be virtually impossible in certain areas) it's worth doing it with a boiling fowl -- something that's tough enough to stand up to a long slow simmer. That's the point of the recipe.

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          Nina Wugmeister

          I made coq au vin on Friday night (Bittman recipe, the one with prunes) - delicious. I served mashed potatoes and a big green salad with a traditional vinaigrette. The sauce from the coq au vin isn't too thick, so the mashed potatoes were the perfect soaker-upper.

          Appetizer was stuffed tomatoes provencale, desert was apple clafouti with vanilla ice cream.

          1. Wine. Lots of it.