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Mar 23, 2002 05:56 PM

Hoisin Sauce Recipe

  • j

I am trying to find a recipe for home-made Hoisin Sauce.

Can anybody help?

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  1. l
    Leslie Brenner

    Only God can make hoisin sauce.

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    1. re: Leslie Brenner

      Sorry...God buys his hoisin just like everyone else.

    2. s
      Sandra Hathaway

      LOL, Leslie. But surely there is some way we can approximate it? I seem to remember seeing a recipe on this board...maybe do a search?

      Happy eating.

      1. Hoisin Sauce must be one of those ancient Chinese secrets. I've looked through several of my Chinese cookbooks (and a few western cookbooks), and this is the most descriptive listing I can find:

        fermented soybean paste
        Chinese five-spice
        a touch of chilies

        Experiment and let us know what happens.

        1. If anyone knows it will be SF Chronicle columnist Marlena Spieler. I'll ask her.

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          1. re: John Whiting

            Here's Marlena's answer. But she has been known to dress it up a bit with chopped pickled veggies

            "you are right, only god can make hoisin sauce. and as he/she makes it so cheaply, and in tins it is able to be carried anywhere, and lasts nearly forever until opened when it still lasts about a year, I have seen no reason to whip up a homemade version"

            1. re: John Whiting

              Here's a reason for her: God (and/or Koon Chun et al) puts wheat in most of His versions. Those of us trying to make authentic-tasting gluten-free Chinese sauces and condiments from scratch would love a definitive recipe for hoisin sauce. The peanut-butter-based recipe floating around the internet isn't it.


            Hope this link comes through alright, first time I've tried it.