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Mar 23, 2002 08:28 AM

One for Clif Bars

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amid all the total disses that energy bars get, i have to say Clif Bars are GOOD, real food is obviously better, but on a trip last weekend i couldn't eat between an early morning flight and lunch, and i was amazed. i did not feel like i was eating some reconstituted rubbery nastiness. you can actually SEE chocolate chips and nuts and stuff in them....amazing!

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  1. Another vote for Clif bars -- so many choices...and all of them so tasty.

    Recently my car was stolen (and found abandoned a week later). The thief helped himself to everthing in my car -- from my boys' prized football to the first-aid kit in the trunk. The only thing he left in my car was a Clif bar that had been sitting on the passenger seat when he originally stole took the vehicle.

    Further proof that most criminals are basically stupid.

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    1. re: Brook

      Also, LUNA bars are excellent ("The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women"). LUNA bars is a trademark of CLIF BARS, INC.

      Try the "Nutz Over Chocolate" or "Chai Tea" flavors.

      1. re: kc girl

        very true- i have had a luna and didn't mention it. thanks for the chai advice. i love oregon chai but i didn't know how much i'd croon over chai in bar form.

      2. re: Brook

        So, he took the wine? At least you got the car and the Clif bar back.

        1. re: mc michael

          mc michael - thanks again for your words of encouragement immediately following the incident.

          Yes, they took nearly all of the wine...with the exception of a few bottles. I was impressed that they didn't spill any of it on the interior (ha ha), considering most of it was red...the detail shop would have had a heck of a time with that I'm sure.

          Perhaps one of the ironies was that they left behind a bottle of Casa Julia Pinot Noir in the trunk. I was very happy about that because 5 minutes before I discovered it, a customer called me and asked about that exact wine. I was able to drop by and sample it with him a couple hours later...he bought 2 cases!

          1. re: Brook

            I'll drink to that.

      3. I used to like Clif Bars and Luna Bars, but after eating a lot of them, they started to seem too sweet. Now I can only eat them rarely, if I'm starving and my choice is between that and Fritos. They are the most "natural" of the energy bars, but I don't know how much more valuable they are than a cookie or brownie, especially the Luna Bars, which seem especially formulated to taste like candy.

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        1. re: LisaPizza
          Caitlin McGrath

          I agree that Luna bars are very sweet--more so than reg. Clif bars--but they surely have a lot more protein and less fat than a cookie or brownie. And as far as I can tell, ALL the nutrition bars are overly sweet.

        2. Definitely agree with you. I take along Cliff Bars, oddly enough, when I go hiking. One of those plus a banana and I'm good for several hours.

            1. the carrot cake is the best.. yumm