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One for Clif Bars

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amid all the total disses that energy bars get, i have to say Clif Bars are GOOD, real food is obviously better, but on a trip last weekend i couldn't eat between an early morning flight and lunch, and i was amazed. i did not feel like i was eating some reconstituted rubbery nastiness. you can actually SEE chocolate chips and nuts and stuff in them....amazing!

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  1. Another vote for Clif bars -- so many choices...and all of them so tasty.

    Recently my car was stolen (and found abandoned a week later). The thief helped himself to everthing in my car -- from my boys' prized football to the first-aid kit in the trunk. The only thing he left in my car was a Clif bar that had been sitting on the passenger seat when he originally stole took the vehicle.

    Further proof that most criminals are basically stupid.

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      Also, LUNA bars are excellent ("The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women"). LUNA bars is a trademark of CLIF BARS, INC.

      Try the "Nutz Over Chocolate" or "Chai Tea" flavors.

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        very true- i have had a luna and didn't mention it. thanks for the chai advice. i love oregon chai but i didn't know how much i'd croon over chai in bar form.

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        So, he took the wine? At least you got the car and the Clif bar back.

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          mc michael - thanks again for your words of encouragement immediately following the incident.

          Yes, they took nearly all of the wine...with the exception of a few bottles. I was impressed that they didn't spill any of it on the interior (ha ha), considering most of it was red...the detail shop would have had a heck of a time with that I'm sure.

          Perhaps one of the ironies was that they left behind a bottle of Casa Julia Pinot Noir in the trunk. I was very happy about that because 5 minutes before I discovered it, a customer called me and asked about that exact wine. I was able to drop by and sample it with him a couple hours later...he bought 2 cases!

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            I'll drink to that.

      3. I used to like Clif Bars and Luna Bars, but after eating a lot of them, they started to seem too sweet. Now I can only eat them rarely, if I'm starving and my choice is between that and Fritos. They are the most "natural" of the energy bars, but I don't know how much more valuable they are than a cookie or brownie, especially the Luna Bars, which seem especially formulated to taste like candy.

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          Caitlin McGrath

          I agree that Luna bars are very sweet--more so than reg. Clif bars--but they surely have a lot more protein and less fat than a cookie or brownie. And as far as I can tell, ALL the nutrition bars are overly sweet.

        2. Definitely agree with you. I take along Cliff Bars, oddly enough, when I go hiking. One of those plus a banana and I'm good for several hours.

            1. the carrot cake is the best.. yumm

              1. Go easy on them--I was a clif bar addict for the earlier part of the year and now I can't even look at one without my stomach flipping out. First I burned through Luna, then Clif, and now I have no meal replacement bar to call my own.

                1. I like the Lemon Poppyseed flavor, but it is generally hard to find in places that don't carry the whole line. The mild citrus-y flavor is refreshing when biking.

                  1. I don't eat energy bars as energy bars. I eat them for dessert. The Caramel Brownie from Luna is excellent.

                    Let's face it... energy bars are NOT health food. All the energy bars out there, most of which are covered in chocolate or "yogurt" or studded with toffee bits or fruit chunks are just fancy candy bars with extra protein to make us feel like it's okay to eat them!!!

                    1. While I agree that CLIF bars are so much better than most other protein and nutrition bars, I'm still not such a fan. The texture is still a bit rubbery to me, despite the real foods in it. Guess I just don't like nutrition bars...