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Mar 19, 2002 11:24 AM

Low Carb/Low Fat recipes?

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I never thought I'd see the day, but I've gone on a low-carb diet. It's low but not no carb, so it's pretty doable. Anyway, after a week I'm already sick of the old "chicken breast sauteed with various spices" dish. Anyone have a good high-protein, low-fat, low carb recipe? I'll start things off by sharing one that I found for ground turkey meatloaf. It comes out looking rather pale and pitiful, but it tastes darn good.

Turkey Meatloaf

14 oz. lean ground turkey breast
1 raw egg
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1/4 cup celery, chopped
1/2 cup green bell pepper, chopped
1 small tomato, chopped
1/2 tsp. basil
1/2 tsp. rosemary
Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

Mix all ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour or until done. Cool slightly before slicing. Serves 4

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  1. I've made a similar recipe, but added frozen chopped spinach to it (after squeezing out the excess moisture).
    Tasty and nutritious!

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    1. re: Brook

      I would suggest checking out for good low fat recipes. Also, the Moosewood Low Fat Cookbook has some very tasty recipes.


      1. re: DeeDee
        The Pie Queen

        Thanks all, for the tips. I'm not too worried about the safety of this diet. I did a lot of research for it. It definitely includes a lot of veggies and whole grains, which are good for you and yummy besides. I'm just trying to break free of my bread-pasta-rice addiction. I do think the Atkins diet is ridiculous, though; it makes people lose weight, but I think it also makes them sick and hurts their livers. I heard a standup comic put it best. To paraphrase, "Of course cave men used to be able to eats lots of meat and fatty foods- they spent all their time chasing after it. If you had to hunt down that pint of Haagen Daz for a week before you could eat it, that would be different."

        That's a good point about the animal protein...I'm supposed to take a fiber supplement to help with the digestion of all the protein, but I would probably do well to start eating tofu and other veggie proteins as well.

        Any other actual recipies would be appreciated.

        1. re: The Pie Queen

          Sugar/starch cravings?

          Michael Thurmond (personnel trainer) includes 3 oz. of potato in his diet. Eaten at @ 3PM.

          While many people believe it is "just a chunk of sugar," Michael's program includes it and it works well in the diet. One benefit is that it adds potassium (to curb muscles cramp).

          If you have a small white rose potato at about 3 PM, is really takes the edge off when many at that time get a sugar or bread/pasta craving. He also allows yams.

          Slice a small white rose potato and boil in chicken broth for a creamy flavor.

          Slice a yam and boil it in water with a couple tea bags of Orange Spice or Cinnamon/Apple (Celestial Teas have these). Don't eat the whole yam, just a 3-4 oz. portion. Eat the rest cold or reheat.

          You can also do this in a microwave (then there's not as much aroma in the room)

          Also, I found that the Chitosan is a good fiber with high protein diets. Don't try it if you are allergic to shellfish.

          1. re: The Pie Queen

            My SO is on a low carb diet and I've been trying a lot of different recipes. You might get some ideas from the meals I made the last couple of weeks:

            I made the Chili-Rubbed Salmon from Epicurious - link below. (Instead of the whole anchos in the recipe, I used the ground Ancho chili powder from Penzeys - great spice to have around). I cooked a whole side of salmon so I would have left-overs. I used the salmon for four more meals/snacks: Spicy Deviled eggs (yolks mashed with mayonnaise, dijon, cilantro, sour cream, chopped jalapenos, and leftover salmon; sprinkled with a little more ancho chili powder and cilantro). Salmon mixed with scrambled eggs. Cold leftover salmon with an avocado salsa. Salmon over a Caesar salad.

            I also have a very simple favorite - a whole roast pork loin that I made this week also. Just just cut small slits all over the roast and stuff with slivers of garlic and whatever fresh herb you have on hand (I like sage). I made a port wine gravy the first night. Later in the week, I layered slices with provolone and spinach and baked in the oven, with a tomato/wine sauce.

            A whole roasted chicken in Asian marinade (soy sauce, cilantro, ginger, sake, garlic, sesame oil, chili oil, etc.) Used leftovers in stir-fries or salads.

            Good luck and I hope this gave you some ideas!


            1. re: Rubee

              Is there a Trader Joe's near you? They have really tasty simmer sauces & marinades, also handy frozen veggies (I love their stir fry & harvest hodgepodge mixes). Quick, easy and tasty.

              I try to have seafood once or twice a week, mainly salmon or fresh ahi, whatever's fresh at the local fishmonger.

              Don't forget to exercise, too. It really makes a difference!


      2. I don't have a recipe but here is what I do.
        Saute some ground beef, drain out the rendered oil. Add chopped onions and some garlic. Add a mixture of ground cumin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, curry powder, cayanne powder. You got yourself some sort of Indian sloppy joe.

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        1. re: Wendy Lai

          Wendy, I do something very similar, but I also add a lot of chopped spinach (frozen, with all the water squeezed, out is fine). Pat

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          Rochelle McCune

          I once did a low carb/high protein diet. I lost weight and kept it off for a couple of years until I went back to eating like a normal person/chowhound.

          Huge recommendation - make as much of the protein that you eat non-animal protein. Processing animal protein is rough on your livers/kidneys if you don't eat much carbs with it. (I know this is vague, but I don't have the original source of this recommendation with me.) Anyway, when I was on a similar, I tried to use soy, etc. as much as possible to keep my pork, beef consumption relatively low.

          To the recipe....
          One of my favorite dishes which I still make is Polenta with various toppings. How is that low carb?

          Make the polenta your favorite way, then drop some silken tofu in a blender, liquify, then add to the polenta. Now you have a yummy dish that can be topped with anything you like but with half the carbs and lots of protein.

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          1. re: Rochelle McCune

            Actually, some of the packaged polenta is low in carbs - they differ so just read the label. Also, it is more solid than making your own, but it's OK.

            Also, Trader Joe's has a great Soy taco meat mix in a box.

            Put that on top of sliced polenta and top that with some green Salsa Verde.

          2. Here's one they serve at The Daily Grill (but I think they add butter)

            Turkey and Spinach

            14 oz. lean ground turkey breast
            1/2 C white onion, chopped
            1 T. (or to taste) Konriko Greek Seasoning **
            10 oz. pkg. of fresh pre-washed spinach ***
            3 ea. eggwhites

            ** Seasoning has salt, garlic, black pepper, corn starch, oregano, sage and other spices.

            *** You do not want to have any water in the mix


            Spray the pan (non-stick is best)(actually a high-side kettle) with cooking spray (you can add a little oil if you want)

            Brown the turkey and onion together

            Add the spices while your while your stirring and browning

            Add the voluminous fresh spinach and stir until it cooks and reduces

            Add the egg whites and stir together.

            That's it.

            Also, don't forget simple poached salmon. It has fats, but they are excellent Omega fats for you. Michael Thurmond (personal trainer) has it in his diet regime list).

            I make it in the microwave.

            8 oz. Fresh salmon (skin on one side)
            (not the salmon steaks - too many bones)
            2 C. Chicken stock and water (about - see dir.)
            1 bch. Fresh Cilantro

            In a micro-wave safe casserole dish (at least 2" side)
            place fresh Salmon in the dish

            Cover the fish half way with chicken stock and water

            Flip it a few times and sprinkle with lemon pepper.

            Place the fish skin-side down on a little bed of fresh cilantro

            Cover it with freshh cilantro

            Cover it with Micro-waveable plastic wrap

            Cook in microwave on high until done (about 10 minutes (for a 2 1/2" thick cut - less for a thinner cut - you know)

            One more thing, I found set of spices that really help with flavoring dishes. They are salt-free and sugar free, MSG-free (I can add salt if I like).

            Benson's Gourmet Seasonings
            Azusa, Califoria

            (I got them at the neighborhood Saturday Farmer's Market - but the lady travels around. She invented the seasonings with her mother, who is a diabetic. The spices are very flavorful and have several varieties. Best I've found)

            1. Check out web sites and books relating to Diabetes, one of the keys to managing Diabetes is very low carbo intake (carbos=sugar).

              -Currently Languishing On The Liquid (low carbo, low protein, low fat, low everything)Diet

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              1. re: Chino Wayne

                Or as one of my cousins used to say "no sugar, no salt, no fat, no taste"

                1. re: LBQT
                  Rochelle McCune

                  Or as my husband cooks "when in doubt, add fat"