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Mar 11, 2002 10:36 AM

Crockpot Recipes?

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I bought an oval-shaped, 3-1/2 quart crockpot this weekend and, after making beef stew on Saturday, I'm hooked! There's a pot roast cooking right now and I can't wait to get home!

Do you have any favorite crockpot cookbooks and/or recipes you'd care to share with me? The booklet that came with the machine had just a few. I know there are plenty of specialized cookbooks out there, but I don't know where to start.


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  1. --This inauthentic recipe is a favorite at mi casa.

    CHILE COLORADO (Mexican beef stew)

    Buy some cheap beef on sale -- enough so you end up with about 3lbs after trimming. cube it and dump into the crock pot.

    Chop up an onion and add to the pot.

    Pour in one can (16 oz. or 28 oz.) red chile sauce or red enchilada sauce.

    Pour in one 8 oz can tomato sauce.

    Cook for however long it takes your pot to make beef stew.

    Serve with tortillas and rice, or make wet burritos from this. Garnish with cilantro and/or sour cream if you wish.

    You may have sauce left over -- it's nice with eggs or enchiladas.

    1. Below are a couple of good sites for recipes. There is a lot of junk on some of them, and a bit of repitition. But I think it's fairly easy to suss out from the ingredients and whatnot which recipes will work and which wont. (the last one listed is probably the grandaddy of 'em all - - very spare design, but 4,000 plus recipes and good orginization).
      There are a couple old standby faves of mine on recipezaar, Taco Soup and Costillitas en Naranja - you can do a search for them:

      1. I often use, because I get more from the tweaks made from the reviewers than from the recipes themselves. There's a section just for slow cookers as well.

        There's a great one on the site for french dip - you'll probably find it pretty easily, because it has lots of positive reviews. It's just a 4 lb. rump roast, onion soup mix, beef broth and beer.

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          One day I found Johnny's French Dip (concentrated) Au Jus Sauce and liked it better than many other packaged onion soup mixes. It's just as simple, though.

          I haven't made a pot roast with it, but have made French Onion Soup with it. The final product was better with Johnny's that with any packaged mix I found.

          I admit, I doctored it up a little by sauteeing the onions in butter before adding the sauce to steep them.

          It is manufactured by Johnny's Enterprises. Inc. in Tacoma, Washington 98421 USA. I got it at a chaine grocery store in Southern California, Orange County, but I can't remember where or they don't have it anymore. Can anyone help me find some?

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            Included is a link to Johnny's...I'm from Seattle and I guess I thought Johnny's was just a local thing. They also have a restaurant called Johnny's Dock that's really close to the Tacoma Dome...I once met a friend there for a drink before seeing Springsteen play at the Dome, and only after seeing the rows and rows of products for sale did I "make the connection".


            1. re: Brook

              Thank you, Brook!

              I openened the site and felt my body tense a little in anticipation while the picture slowly appeared. I looked at the array of products, hoping, until finally - There it was! The red, white and blue Johnny's label in the lower left.

              And, I can order online if it is not a local store.

              Bless you.

              1. re: kc girl

                The site offers on-line order of the powdered version only. I e-mailed and am hoping they still make the liquid concentrate.
                Thanks once more!

        2. Crockpot recipes can be as easy or as complicated as you are interested in making them. I first learned to cook in a crockpot from my mother who would call me from work and tell me to throw things into the crockpot for dinner.

          - Pot roast using a roast, onion soup mix, and some water. Potatoes and Carrots if you wish.
          - Chicken pieces covered with spaghetti sauce from a jar. That's it. Serve over pasta.

          I now have graduated from those days and have a bit more time. I am currently using my crockpot a lot for making chili (the recipe is a bit involved but I can forward it if you'd like), and things like pinto beans (haven't perfected this yet).

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            Caitlin McGrath

            Olympia Jane posted a couple of great-sounding ones just a few weeks ago at:


            The big crockpot discussion was also covered extensively in a recent issue of ChowNews (all editions). You're missing out if you're not subscribing!